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    Wayfarer Custom HD Floor Mat


    Wayfarer® Custom HD is specially designed to dry quickly and resist mildew making it the perfect mat for heavy-traffic outdoor entrance ways, plant entrances, drinking fountains, and pool areas.

    • Heavy-duty vinyl-looped construction traps dirt and moisture while scraping debris
    • Thick vinyl backing to resist mat movement
    • Factory compressed borders
    • Designed to dry quickly and resist mildew
    • Recommended product as a part of the GreenTRAX™ program for “Green Cleaning” environments
    • Custom lengths available (3′, and 4′ widths)
    • Available Colors: Gray, Black, Brown, Leaf Green, Navy

    Wayfarer™ Custom HD is a heavy-duty vinyl-loop outdoor mat with a solid sheet vinyl back. The vinyl-loop design removes dirt and moisture from shoes and securely traps them beneath the mat’s surface.

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