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    Foot Warmer Floor Mat


    This is our Best-Selling Foot Warmer™ heated mat warms up to an intense 150°F while using the same electricity as a light bulb! Safe and economical – using one tenth the energy of dangerous space heaters.

    • It powers on just 120 watts; 92% less than a standard 1,500 watt space heater
    • TUV Listed – meeting strict safety standards
    • Warms feet directly through shoes or boots
    • Perfect for under desks & standing workstations
    • May be used to melt snow from boots, leaving them warm & dry

    The Super Foot Warmer™ is a heated mat that warms up to an intense 150°F while using only a little more electricity as a standard light bulb! From doorways to under the desk, the Super Foot Warmer provides the needed warmth to keep others comfortable & content.

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