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Your Guide To Anti Slip Tape

Slip and fall accidents are deadly serious matters, and cause thousands of injuries in the United States each year. Sometimes, these injuries are extremely debilitating, and prevent people from returning to their work or participating in activities that they used to enjoy. Sometimes, these injuries can even be fatal. How does one avoid slip and fall accidents and the injuries that they cause? There are many precautions that can be taken, but one of the most helpful ones is the use of anti slip tape. This article will provide some in depth information about some of the anti slip tapes that are currently on the market.


General Purpose Anti Slip Tape


General purpose anti slip tape is the most basic type of safety tape available for purchase. Unlike some of the anti slip tapes mentioned below, there is nothing especially unique about the design of general purpose anti slip tape, but it is cheap to purchase, and can be used almost anywhere. General purpose anti slip tape is very effective in preventing slips and falls, and is often used around the house.


Cushioned Grip Tape


Cushioned grip tape is often used to prevent hand slippage, as it provides traction, while also providing a soft, cushioned surface that is comfortable for gripping. For this reason, baseball players, tennis pros, and bicyclists often rely on this tape to help maximize their performance.


Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape


Ribbed rubber anti slip tape is one of the newer types of anti slip tape currently on the market. This tape is waterproof and very easy to clean, thanks to its ribbed, rubber design. Ribbed rubber anti slip tape is especially popular for use in garages, as well as toolboxes. Ribbed rubber anti slip tape is truly the handyman’s friend.


Glow In The Dark Anti Slip Tape


This is a specialized type of anti slip tape that has two very important features. Like general purpose anti slip tape, glow in the dark anti slip tape provides great traction. In addition to that, glow in the dark anti slip tape is visible even when there is no light present. This makes it ideal for use in warehouse and factory settings (as well as residential basements), as many slip and fall injuries occur in the dark. Glow in the dark anti slip tape is specially designed to help people find their way, as well as their footing.


Anti Slip Water Proof Tape


As the name implies, anti slip water proof tape can stand up to water. Even if this tape gets wet, it will not bow or peel off. For this reason, this tape is highly recommended for use in and around pools. A fall near a pool is very dangerous. Not only is the ground surrounding the pool very hard, but an unexpected fall into the pool itself could potentially lead to drowning. Many swimming facilities and health clubs rely on anti slip water proof tape to keep patrons safe.