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Your Helpful Guide To Entrance Mats

Entrance mats are literally one of the first things that people see (and use) before entering your home or place of business. As such, it is important that you purchase the right entrance mat for your setting and needs. This helpful entrance mat guide will help you do just that. After reading this guide, you will know exactly what entrance mats are right for you. Entrance mats are generally divided into two categories: indoor entrance mats and outdoor entrance mats. Within those two categories, however, are several subsets of entrance mats. This article will cover all of the varieties of entrance mats that are available for you to purchase, so that you can purchase the entrance mat that is perfect for you.

Entrance Mat Technology Has Grown By Leaps And Bounds In Recent Years

You are probably familiar with the standard welcome mat. These are inviting and make guests feel at home, but they often don’t utilize the latest cutting-edge technology for trapping dirt and water. Luckily, there are some quality entrance mats on the market today that really bring the goods. Entrance mat technology has really developed in recent years, and you can find entrance mats that will leave your shoes, and floors, squeaky clean.

The technology found in Brush Hog entrance mats, for instance, filter dirt and moisture away from the center of the mat, and toward the edges of the entrance mat, in a process called redistribution. The edges of this entrance mat are drainable for easy and convenient cleaning. Similarly, Aqua Trap entrance mats feature a patented “Aqua Dam”, a raised border that forms the perimeter of the mat and traps dirt and debris at the edge of the mat. This is a great way to make sure that dirt, water, and harmful bacteria stay outside where they belong.

Entrance Mats Come In Many Different Shapes And Sizes

Just as there is a huge variety of entrances, there is also a huge variety of entryway mats. Some buildings have large, grand entrances. Hotels definitely fit under this category. A large, grand entrance requires a large, grand entrance mat. The Boulevard entrance mat fits this bill perfectly. This entrance mat is not only very large; it features a tough microfilament that is ideal for scraping. This also makes it ideal for large buildings that see a lot of foot traffic. The Boulevard entrance mat also features a wave pattern that ensures guests’ feet come into contact with both drying and scraping fibers. This will keep the floors of the building both clean and dry.

Of course, not all entrances are huge. Small entrances require small entrance mats that are easy to clean and maintain. There are plenty of those on the market as well. Chevron entrance mats, for instance are smaller mats that are intended for light to medium foot traffic. Chevron entrance mats are also equipped with drying and scraping technology. They are also very stable and easy to use and clean.