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Your Guide To Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor entrance mats are entrance mats that truly need to be able to stand up to the elements. They need to be as strong and durable as indoor entrance mats and then some. This is because outdoor entrance mats will get rained on and – depending on the weather in your region – snowed on as well. It also helps if outdoor entrance mats are welcoming and impressive, from a visual standpoint, as they will guests will come into contact with them before even entering your building. All of this sounds like a very tall order for one entrance mat, but luckily there are many great outdoor entrance mats available on the market. This article will explore them in greater detail.

WaterHog Outdoor Entrance Mats

One of the most popular types of outdoor entry mats available for purchase is the WaterHog entrance mats. These outdoor entrance mats can really stand up to the elements. In fact, WaterHog outdoor entrance mats have a raised rubber “water dam” that traps water and dirt. The water dam makes these mats perfect for outdoor use. There are many different styles of WaterHog outdoor entrance mats that you can purchase. For simplicity, you can purchase the WaterHog Classic, which is your basic rectangular outdoor entrance mat. For something a little more elegant, you could purchase the WaterHog Fashion outdoor entrance mat, which is a more fashionable wiper-scraper mat. The WaterHog Grand Classic outdoor mat also adds elegance to any entrance.

Wayfarer Outdoor Entrance Mats

Wayfarer outdoor entrance mats are also specially designed for outdoor entrance mats. There are different types of Wayfarer outdoor entrance mats that you can buy, depending on the foot traffic in and out of your building. The standard Wayfarer outdoor entrance mats are designed for light to medium foot traffic. Wayfarer Custom entrance mats are designed to be quick drying and mildew resistant, which makes them more suitable for areas with heavier foot traffic, as well as areas that receive a lot of rainfall. Wayfarer outdoor entrance mats come in a variety of colors.

Guzzler Outdoor Entrance Mats

Guzzler outdoor entrance mats are very strong and durable, and are great for high traffic areas. These outdoor entrance mats feature a rubber edged perimeter that traps dirt and moisture. The Guzzler outdoor entrance mats also feature a crushproof waffle design that aggressively scrapes and cleans. Finally, the Guzzler outdoor entrance mats have molded rubber cleats on the underside that provide the necessary stability.

Brush Hog Outdoor Entrance Mats

Brush Hog entrance mats are also recommended for outdoor applications. These outdoor entrance mats feature turf pile fabric construction, which filters dirt and moisture away from the mat surface. The Brush Hog outdoor entrance mat also features drainable borders for effective water redistribution. You could also go a step further and purchase the Brush Hog Plus outdoor entrance mat. These outdoor entrance mats have bi-level reinforced rubber construction for enhanced water filtration. These outdoor entrance mats will also not fade in the sun.

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