Anti-Slip Tapes & Mats

Aggressive, Slip-Resistant Mineral Grit Surfaces Designed Help Prevent Slips & Falls

photo of anti-slip tape and treads

Anti-slip Tapes & Treads

3M-safety-walk-boots (photo)3M™ Safety-Walk™ Tape and Treads to help prevent Slip & Fall
Prevents slips and falls, works even around oil, grease, and water, indoors and outdoors.

Conformable tape on diamond plate (photo)Conformable Traction Tape
Designed for application onto irregular surfaces such as diamond plate.

Sure-Foot Anti-Slip Tape (photo)Master Stop Anti-Slip Tapes
Master your anti-slip tape needs with Master Stop's distinctive slip-resistant products.

Master-Stop-stair-treads-tape - photoAnti-Slip Grit Tape for Safer Stair Treads
Designed to increase safety by improving foot traction, these anti-slip tapes also draw visual attention to stair treads and other areas that may require additional caution or slip-resistance.

Die cut Safety-Walk slip-resistant tape - photoDie Cut 3M Safety Walk
Slip-resistant Safety Walk offered in die cut pieces to meet the needs of the airline or other industrial applications.

Safety Walk 710 - photoSafety Walk 710 gray anti-slip tape
The tape features an aggressive, slip-resistant, larger grit surface to provide more friction in the wettest conditions for military, industrial, commercial, or severe residential applications.

Glow in the Dark w Center Stripe Anti Slip Tape (photo)Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Safety Tape
Add anti slip and illumination during power outages

Mop Top washable anti-slip tape (photo)Mop Top Washable Anti-Slip Tapes
Durable anti-slip tape that can be cleaned with mops or sponges

Aqua Safe non-abrasive tape (photo)Aqua Safe Non-Abrasive Tape
Ideal for pools, showers, baths, boats, even kitchens and labs

Anti-slip Safety Floor Mats

Grip Rock and Super G Mat detail (photo)Grip Rock and Super G Floor Mats
Extremely slip-resistant floor mats for wet, oily and greasy floors, ramps, stairs, walk-in freezers and other slippery surfaces.

close-up photo of Traction Hog textureTraction Hog II Slip Resistant Mats
A grit surface, slip-resistant, grease and oil proof mat for wet areas including industrial and commercial cooking applications.

Grit-coated fiberglass walkway cover on ramp - photoGrit-Coated Fiberglass Step Covers & Walkways
Lightweight, durable slip-resistant stair and ramp covers.

Anti-slip products can be an important safety feature to your home or business, helping to prevent slips and falls.

Whatever your anti slip tapes or slip-resistant matting needs, please give us a call at 800-876-1312 or us.

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