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Everything You Need To Know About Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti fatigue floor mats are some of the most popular matting solutions in any commercial or industrial setting. Basically, anti fatigue floor mats provide ergonomic benefits in the workplace. In other words, they provide comfort in the workplace. The main functionality of anti fatigue floor mats in any settings is to relieve muscle strain and stress for workers and customers who are required to stand for too long. As such, anti fatigue mats can also be referred to as anti-stress matting solutions. They are ideal for installation in many different commercial and industrial settings including banking halls, medial; theaters, assembly lines, kitchens, ATM waiting lines, and all kinds of active factory environments. These floor mat solutions are very important in the workplace and there are many things that you need to know about their production, application, and benefits. Luckily for you, we have covered everything you need to know about anti fatigue floor mats in this article.

How They Work

Anti fatigue floor mats contain special materials like foam, gel, or any other cushiony compound to provide buoyancy to the user. These mats absorb muscle stress from strained legs, feet, lower back, and other joints as the worker or customer continues to stand for a long time. This prevents the user from suffering various stress-related health problems, such as joint pains, pulmonary strain, varicose veins, muscle cramps, fatigue, etc.

Design And Manufacture

Anti fatigue matting solutions usually feature a cushiony material to provide buoyancy to users and hence absorb strain and stress for their muscles. In most cases, anti fatigue floor mats are made with a foam material, which is held on both sides by a strong hardy material like rubber or vinyl. Foam anti fatigue matting products provide moderate or high-level comfort depending on the thickness of the cushiony material. Other buoyant materials include patented gel used with nitrile and/or closed cell PVC to ensure total comfort while standing on the amt.


Anti fatigue matting solutions are installed in any active commercial environment that requires the workers or customers to stand for long. They are placed on hard floors to provide some cushioning effect while standing. They are mainly recommended for any activity that involves standing for a period of more than 40 minutes.

Types And Choices

Anti fatigue floor mats usually come in a myriads of designs, colors, sizes, and material constructions. When choosing an anti fatigue matting solution, you should consider the intended application to determine the required size and the desired functionality. You should select a long-lasting mat that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and quite affordable. You should also factor in other floor mat functionality features depending on the intended site of installation, such slip resistance, chemical resistance, waterproofing, antimicrobial, and ESD capabilities, among others.


Anti fatigue matting solutions are usually installed in the workplace because of their countless health benefits. As a muscle relaxer, an anti fatigue floor mat prevents joint and body pains. It stimulates blood circulation in the body and improves body posture. All these health benefits eliminate health problems in the workplace thereby enhancing workforce productivity. Other functional features in anti fatigue mats like slip resistance provide safety in the workplace.

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