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Ensuring Workplace Health & Safety Using Floor Mats

Among other functional benefits, matting solutions are mainly used to provide workplace safety and protection. Other functional benefits of floor mats include floor protection, cleanliness and prevention contamination, decoration and beauty, ergonomic benefits, and many more. Different types of floor mats are used for varying applications in various settings. For instance, logo mats are mainly used for decoration in residential settings but their main purpose in commercial matting is advertisement. Similarly, whereas general-purpose or all-purpose matting solutions serve the same functions in various commercial and industrial settings, we have specialty floor mats for specific applications in special production environments. All in all, floor mats offer a myriad of health and safety benefits in any workplace and we will look at some of the most important benefits below.


Floor Protection & Safety


One of the main reasons why we install floor mats in commercial and industrial settings is to ensure floor safety. Interestingly, floor mats protect both the floor and the users if properly installed. For starters, anti slip floor mats are installed on wet slippery floors to provide traction and thereby prevent accidental falls and the subsequent injuries caused by them. This translates into workplace safety courtesy of floor mats. On the other hand, floor mats trap dirt, moisture, and other debris that could be carried from outdoors to the interior of a building, thereby protecting indoor floors from scrapes and bruises and also ensuring cleanliness in the workplace.


Medical Safety



Specialty floor mats used in medical environments help to keep such facilities clean and sterile. Antimicrobial and antibacterial medical floor mats prevent contamination in healthcare facilities by killing and inhibiting the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. These mats feature a special sterilizing gel that never wears out and which is capable of destroying 99.9% of all microorganisms in medical facilities. Antifungal disposable surgical mats are also useful and important in operating and exam rooms. In most cases, medical matting products also double up as anti slip and anti fatigue floor mats.


Electrical Safety


It is imperative to ensure electrical safety in any commercial and industrial setting. There are other production environments, such as welding jobs, that require special protection against electrical accidents. Such environments use electrostatic dissipative (ESD) or conductive floor mats to neutralize and ground electrical current. ESD matting products are also called anti static floor mats because they contain a static rubber layer on top and a conductive carbon layer at the bottom. Conductive floor mats on the other hand are made from rubber infused with conductive carbon. Both ESD and conductive mats serve to dissipate static electricity into the ground.


Physical Health & Comfort


In order to enhance productivity in the workplace, you should always ensure that the workforce is always in good health and that the working conditions are as comfortable as possible. One of the main ways of achieving this is through the installation of anti fatigue floor mats. Anti fatigue matting solutions feature a buoyant cushiony material in the construction to provide buoyancy to workers and customers who endure long standing shifts in the workplace. These mats reduce muscle and joint strain and stress thereby ensuring good health for the users. Heated floor mats are another type of anti fatigue floor mats. They are used to provide warmth in the workplace during the cold season.