Industrial Anti-fatigue Mats Overview

Find the heavy-duty, easy-to-clean mat that fits your needs

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Wide range of antifatigue, chemical resistant, water resistant, and industrial matting

Industrial anti-fatigue mats - photoAnti-fatigue Mats

Wet & Dry Areas:

  • Comfort Flow - Slip-resistant rubber mats with anti-microbial treatment and drainage holes.
  • Comfort Flow Linkable Tiles / Mats - Modular tiles and linkable mats for wet or dry applications are suited for food and industrial applications indoors or outdoors.
  • Cushion Station - Grease and oil proof, these static dissipative and welding-safe rubber mats are 7/16" thick, and available in std. sizes up to 20 ft. long.
  • Cushion Station Linkable Tiles / Mats - Same features as standard mats, the tile and linkable mat version can be configured to any size area. May be autoclave sterilized for medical applications.
  • Cushion Max w & w/o holes - Durable industrial and commercial anti-fatigue mats with longer life than traditional PVC foam mats.
  • Happy Feet - Dense cushion of nitrile rubber for long life under harsh, industrial use with several surface options; offered as std. or linkable mats.
  • Pro-tech Ergonomic Mats - Two types—one for operating rooms, labs, food service; the other for industrial applications.
Cushion-Step Anti-Fatigue Mats - photo

Dry Areas Only:

  • Hog Heaven 5/8 and 7/8 - Thick industrial mats with a nitrile rubber top permanently molded to closed cell blended cushion; chemical resistant, grease and oil proof, static dissipative and welding safe.
  • Hog Heaven Modular Tile - Same as Hog Heaven mats, but in linkable tile version to provide outstanding anti-fatigue performance for large areas or places where std. mats will not fit.
  • Hog Heaven II Linkable Tile and Mats - 3/4" thick version of Hog Heaven in both linkable mat or modular tile versions.
  • Hog Heaven Plush 5/8 and 7/8 - Interior anti-fatigue mats with an attractive dyed carpet surface for commercial applications.
  • Hog Heaven Fashion 5/8 and 7/8 - Carpeted surface anti-fatigue mats in four colors with an attractive diamond pattern.
  • NewLife Eco-Pro Commercial Anti-fatigue Mats - 3/4" thick mats w 5 year warranty; designed to prevent leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain from standing on hard flooring.
  • Cushion-Step Anti-Fatigue - Heavy duty, marbelized surface, 1/2" overall thickness, this premier anti-fatigue mat is exceptionally comfortable and extremely durable.
  • TUFF Skin Anti-Fatigue Flooring in Any Shape or Size - Tuff Skin floor matting features a very durable coating and anti-fatigue comfort in any shape or size.
  • Tuff-Spun Foot-Lover Mats - PVC closed cell foam, 3/8" thick anti fatigue mats for cashiers, bank tellers, mailrooms, packing stations, laundries, laboratories, assembly lines, industrial workstations, packaging areas and processing plants.
  • Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mats - Cushioned mats use 3/4-inch thick, high-density foam to reduce leg fatigue and discomfort at standing and sit-to-stand desks

Traction Hog slip resistant mat detail - photoSlip Resistant Mats

These slip-resistant mats have the same features described above, but with aggressive anti-slip grit surfaces:

Traction Tread floor-protection mat - photoFloor Protection

Traction Tread & Traction Tread Soft 1/4" thick, UV protected, grease/oil-proof, welding safe, static dissipative, and anti-microbial treated, ideal for numerous production locations, walkways, gym floor protection, parts counters, lab areas and food service applications.

Disposable Urinal Floor Mats are treated to suppress odors, protect the floors from staining, and eliminate bacterial growth

Superscrape Signs mat photooMessage Mats

  • Waterhog Sign - Enhanced Waterhog Classic scraper-wiper mats in 11 different colors, with 24 popular safety and caution message options to alert visitors and employees.
  • Hog Heaven Sign - Intended for industrial work stations where an anti-fatigue mat must also communicate a message (26 message options).
  • Super Scrape Sign - Slip-resistant, rubber scraper mats with 25 different messages in vertical or horizontal orientation.

3M Entrance Matting Systems graphic3M Industrial Matting - Nomad and Safety-Walk water and chemical resistant industrial matting products.

Most of the mats shown below have already been described earlier on this page. They are shown again to highlight specific application suitability.

Andersen Comfort Flow linkable mats photooWelding Safe Mats

Traction Tread Soft mats photoESD Matting

Electrically Conductive Mats:

Static Dissipative Mats:

Andersen Grease Hog mats photooGrease, Oil and Chemical Resistant Mats

Comfort Flow Linkable mat surface detail photooModular Tiles and Linkable Mats

Floor Mats & Products for Other Industries

photo of Ortho Salon Mat in useAnti-Fatigue Mats for Beauty Salons - Exceedingly bouyant, cushiony support fights fatigue.

GelPro surgical mat photoMedical Matting - Mats for histology labs, surgical anti-fatigue mats, and other mats specifically designed for healthcare applications.

anti-slipMineral Surface Anti-slip Tapes and Grit-coated Mats - Additional options to help prevent slip and fall in both wet or dry environments

ViSpa Exercise Matting under an elliptical trainer photoNoise & Vibration Reduction Matting - Reduce noise and vibration under industrial, laboratory and exercise equipment.

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