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4 Most Common Types Of Anti-Slip Solutions And Their Applications

Mats have proven their reliability in providing safety and ergonomic comfort at home and in the workplace. In recent years however, floor mats have faced stiff competition from new anti-slip solutions, such as slip-resistant treads and grip tapes, which are considered more effective and economical than the traditional matting options. You can classify all anti-slip treads and grip tapes into two main categories based on their functional applications. The two categories are general purpose and specialty anti-slip solutions.


General Purpose


These are the most commonly used anti-slip solutions and their popularity stems from the fact that they are designed for all kinds of frictionless surfaces or floors. General purpose, also called all-purpose anti slip treads and grip tapes, are installed on floor surfaces, stairways, and even walkways in all kinds of non specialized residential and industrial/commercial settings. For grit tapes, textured abrasive or nonabrasive tape is attached to the surface with its own adhesive or with store-bought adhesive. The textured surface remains topside to provide foot traction to users. Anti-slip treads are usually installed on stairways in the form of grit-coated panels or tiles. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor stairways and walkways and they are usually manufactured from light materials like aluminum or fiberglass. Some general purpose anti-slip treads and grip tapes feature bright colors to caution users about the imminent traction hazards.


Specialty Step Treads And Tapes


The main difference between specialty and general purpose anti-slip tapes and treads is that the latter are specially designed for installation in specific settings. Simply put, specialty traction installations are only used in specific environments to serve or fulfill a defined purpose that is meant to complement traction provision. Examples of specialty anti-slip solutions include chemical resistant anti-slip tapes for chemical sensitive environments, aqua-safe for installation in wet conditions, and antimicrobial anti-slip treads and grip tapes for use in sanitary settings like hospitals.


Anti-Slip Floor Signs And Markers

Safety Grip Tape

Anti-slip Floor signs and markers are specially designed treads and grip tapes, which are meant to draw visual attention to slippery floors and also to indicate or communication various traction-related messages. Floor markers and signs spell out various messages regarding the floor surface. These anti-slip solutions are commonly used as light sensitive anti-slip grip tapes to draw attention and guide traffic on surfaces that require high visibility at all times. You can use photo-luminescent or glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tape to light up a vital pathway during a black out. Reflective tape is used to illuminate a sensitive surface from a distance. Anti-slip slogan treads display cautionary messages regarding the surface on their textured topsides.


Anti-Slip Safety Paints And Coatings


Anti-slip paints and coatings are plied on surfaces to provide foot traction. These specially formulated paints can be applied on any surface including asphalt, wood, metal, marble, concrete, stone etc, for long-term traction and decoration. These hardy paints are not easily removable and you can even place a heated door mat on the floor or scrub the surface with an abrasive cleaning detergent without inflicting any damage on the coated surface. In order to enhance traction on the surface, anti-slip paints and coatings contain grit, which creates a tough and textured surface for safe treading. For heavy traffic surface areas, you can use epoxy layering solutions. These are thick stiff solutions that are applied using a shovel and a roller to create a non-slippery surface that is also water and oil proof, and chemical and abrasive resistant.