Heated Mats for Winter

Fall is almost here, and Winter is just around the corner.  Winter snow and ice will create the usual slip and fall risks.  If you or someone you know is at increased risk of falling and seriously hurting themselves, it is time to think about getting heated mats to protect them. Heated Floormats can be … Continued

Water Sports and Slipping Risks

Boating, Docks and other watersports pose a serious risk of injury from slipping on wet surfaces.  This can include the deck of a boat, a dock, pool side or any other surfaces where people might walk around water.  It is the most obvious danger as we all know that flat, hard surfaces that get wet … Continued

Floor Mats or Carpet?

There are a lot of compelling reasons to choose hard floors and floor mats over having a room carpeted.  In fact, I question why anyone would ever choose carpeting a whole room after reading this list of reasons. Don’t get us wrong, a good carpet can look and feel great.  Sure, it is more expensive, … Continued
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