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Heated Mats for Winter

Fall is almost here, and Winter is just around the corner.  Winter snow and ice will create the usual slip and fall risks.  If you or someone you know is at increased risk of falling and seriously hurting themselves, it is time to think about getting heated mats to protect them.

Heated Floormats can be used indoors to help keep people warm when they sit in the same area frequently.  This warming can help circulation and general comfort.

But even more important is to use heated floormats outside along paths that will ice up soon.  These specially designed heated mats will keep the walkway clear and free of ice without significant effort.

You might have an older relative who needs to walk from the garage to the house, for example.  This is a low cost option to help keep them safe.

You could also put a heated floormat near the mailbox, so they do not slip and fall when they go to check the mail.

Another big concern is that first step out the door.  Areas right against the house sometimes get more icy and could surprise someone not expecting that first step to be slippery. 

Over one million Americans are injured each year from slip and fall accidents.  The risk of slipping and falling is much higher in the Winter months.  The older a person is, the higher the chance of broken bones or other serious injuries from a fall.  If something as simple as a heated mat can reduce the risk of serious injury, pain and medical expenses it is worth considering.

Remember, you never know about all the serious, terrible injuries that you avoid when you take precautions and avoid them.  Every day that passes where you do not have an accident or get injured is a day where you made good decisions, used precautions and most likely stayed in safer environments.  There is always a bit of good and bad luck involved, but you can greatly increase your odds of avoiding injuries by using precautions.  And anyone you know that might be in danger because of advancing age or health issues needs your help to stay safe.