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3 Key Benefits Of Using Anti-Fatigue Mats In The Workplace

Anti fatigue floor mats have become very popular in commercial and industrial settings in recent years. This is due to the many ergonomic benefits that these specialty floor mats provide in the workplace. Anti fatigue mats are specially designed floor mats that are used to ease stress and enhance comfort in the workplace. By doing so, these floor mats enhance productivity among the workforce and hence overall productivity of the firm. Anti fatigue mats come with special features, which enhance their functionality. At the most basic level, these mats are used to reduce muscle stress in working environments that require long stranding hours of either or both employees and customers. Such mats feature a cushiony filling covered with a rubber backing to provide buoyancy and hence absorb tension from the leg muscles and joints of the standing person. Other anti fatigue mats come with an electrical heating system that warms the workplace thereby reducing cold weather discomforts. All these benefits and more are discussed below.

Better Health

It is common knowledge that standing for long hours can have adverse health effects on a person. Some commercial and industrial environments require employees and sometimes customers to stand for long hours. Employees in some assembly and manufacturing lines have to endure long standing hours while performing their professional duties. And in some few cases like in ATM withdrawal machines, customers can also be subjected to long waiting durations while standing especially if the machine is broken. All this continued standing can cause various health problems including varicose veins, poor blood circulation in the feet &legs, swelling in the legs, foot problems, joint paints, circulatory & heart problems, and pregnancy problems. To avoid all this, you can install specially designed anti fatigue mats for better health in your workplace.

Improved Productivity

Needless to say, better health means more productivity ion the side of your employees. Although there can be other undermining factors, you can generally expect better performance and increased productivity if you improve the working conditions in your firm. Without the undue stress and health complications caused by long standing hours in your place of business, you can expect a more motivated and happy workforce, which translates into higher productivity. You will also reduce medical costs and sick days if you install anti fatigue mats in your place of business. This means that you will even be able to recover the initial cost of buying and installing the anti fatigue mats in no time.

Special Benefits

commercial entrance mat

In addition to the two major functional benefits of using anti fatigue mats, there are a myriad of other advantages of using specially designed models. Anti fatigue mats are used in many specialty industries like in healthcare, mining, welding etc. In such settings, the mats can be used as either commercial entrance mats, office chair mats, heated mats anti slip solutions and so much more. In case of medical applications, anti fatigue mats are also used to prevent workplace contamination. Such mats are designed to be antimicrobial and antibacterial while still providing other ergonomic benefits. When used in welding settings and such like environments, the same anti fatigue mats can be used to prevent electric shock. Noisy environments like mines can use special anti fatigue mats to also reduce noise and vibrations.