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4 Major Types Of Matting Solutions For Commercial/Industrial Settings

The matting industry has evolved considerably over the years. Initially, mat manufacturers focused on the production of standard floor mats only. Over the years, the industry expanded to include a variety of specialty floor mats to suit diverse industrial applications. Nowadays, the matting industry has diversified its productions to include all kinds of safety solutions for all types of industries and markets. Most mat manufacturers and vendors now categorize their products according to industry and also according to type. We have an assortment of general and specialty matting solutions for the healthcare industry, hotels & restaurants, sports & recreation, assisted living, manufacturing industry, and so many more. Some of the major classes or categories of matting solution for residential and commercial applications include:

Floor Mats


Expectedly, the biggest and most diverse category of matting solutions is floor mats. Here you will find all types of floor mats for commercial and industrial applications. There are all kinds of entrance or entryway floor mats including outdoor, indoor, and indoor-outdoor mats. Entry/outdoor floor mats that are placed just outside the door while indoor mats are installed just inside the door. Indoor-outdoor mats are placed across the entryway reaching both the interior and the exterior of the house. Floor mats are also split into industrial and residential mats.

Residential mats are recommended for installation at home and they include all types of entrance mats, heated mats, and some types of logo mats. Under industrial mats we have medical floor mats, anti-fatigue mats, logo mats, heated mats, antistatic/nonconductive mat, noise and vibration mats end so many others. Noise and vibration reduction mats are used in industrial, laboratory, manufacturing, and mining industries among others to reduce noise and commotion levels in such high action settings. Floor mats are also split according to material of manufacture to include vinyl loop, rubber, carpet etc.


Anti Slip Tapes & Treads

Anti slip tapes and treads are alternative types of matting solutions that provide traction in the workplace. They are usually installed on steps and stairways and they include anti-slip tapes, treads, coatings, and walkways by various manufacturers. They are installed both indoors and outdoors.

Cleaners & Aseptics

Other mat related safety solutions come in the form of surface cleaners and aseptics. These are industry approved cleaning solutions that are used by professionals to maintain a safe, sterile, and healthy working environment. Some of the cleaners are all-natural waterless hand soaps, which clean and condition hands without drying the skin. There are also the industry specific non-alkaline aseptic cleaners, which even add anti-slip friction to the floor’s surface, assuring safety. Other solutions include soap dispensers and degreasers all designed to keep you clean and safe.

Specialty Products

The last major category of matting and safety solutions come in the form of specialty products for lighting and marking walkways and hazardous areas and slippery floors. Some of these safety solutions use the latest photo-luminescent technology to light up and mark workplace areas during blackouts or in case of any emergencies. Many of these specialty products are used as floor and wall markers and also as coatings for workplace safety. Some of the more advanced matting manufacturers have expanded into other high demand products like all-natural pest repellants.