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5 Factors To Consider When Buying Office Chair Mats

Just like residential floor mats, office floor mats are installed in many different places for a variety of functional reasons. There are the standard entrance mats that are installed in doorways to prevent accidental falls and keep the interior clean. There is also the typical wall-to-wall floor mats that can either be heated or not. These mats also keep the offices clean, safe, and comfortable. Specialty mats are installed in specific industrial settings for various applications including antistatic and shock protection, antimicrobial contamination control, vibration and noise reduction, and so many more. Office chair mats are usually installed on the ground underneath office chairs to reduce muscle tension and to warm the workplace. The following considerations are very important when buying office chair mats.

Intended Functionality

One of the most important factors to consider is the functional application of the office chair mat. Generally, most of these types of floor mats are used as anti fatigue mats. This means that they provide both warmth and comfort to employees in a workstation. In special circumstances, some office floor mats can be used to avoid slippery floors in wet commercial settings, to prevent electrical shock in manufacturing industries, or even to prevent contamination in medical environments.

Type Of Office Floor

In most cases, office floor mats are laid on top of already existing wall-to-wall commercial matting solutions. In such cases, you need to consider the type of flooring that will best suit your choice office chair mat. For instance, a carpeted floor will require cleated floor mats with enough traction to be affixed firmly in position. Most of the other types of floors will be okay with smooth backed office chair mats.

Preferred Size And Shape

This is a pretty standard consideration in that you have to know the size of the area of installation before buying any floor mat. In other words, you will need specific measurements of the area underneath the workstation so that you can choose a befitting office chair mat for that floor space. Office chair mats should be placed under individual chairs but between the legs of the desks to protect them from damage. And if the workspace is irregularly shaped, then you have to order custom office chair mats for perfect fitting.


Style & Color

In addition to providing the functional benefits mentioned above, office floor mats are also used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the workplace. In order to achieve this, you should try to select attractive designs, styles, and colors that will complement the décor and enhance the ambiance of the workplace.

Quality vs. Cost

One of the most crucial considerations when buying any type of floor mat is its quality. Another key factor is the cost of the product. In general, the quality of the mat determines its functional suitability and durability and is hence reflected in the warranty. When selecting your office chair mats, you should be very much concerned about the thickness of the mat to ensure optimal functionality. You should always balance the cost of the mat with the implied quality. You should go for long-lasting mats to ensure that you get good value for your money. But at the same time, you should try to factor in all the other factors discussed above in your estimate cost during mat selection.