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4 Commercial/Industrial Places Where You Need To Install Floor Mats

It is highly recommended that you install floor mats in very workplace. We now have commercial and industrial matting solutions for application or use in every kind of working environment. There are countless benefits for installing floor mats in any commercial or industrial setting. For starters, indoor floor mats ensure the safety of your workers and also of your customers. Anti slip safety floor mats offer traction on slippery floors, thereby protecting all users from suffering accidental falls while in your business premises or production facility. Another major advantage of using commercial or industrial floor mats is to protect your floors from damage and keep them clean. We also have special application commercial and industrial floor mats that offer ergonomic comfort in the workplace. These specially designed floor mats are referred to as anti fatigue floor mats and they reduce physical stress to a standing worker or customer in any commercial or industrial environment. Lastly we have logo mats that are used for advertisement and brand promotion in industrial and commercial environments. With all these functional benefits to offer, you should not hesitate to install floor mats in the following commercial/industrial places.

Office Buildings

You should start by installing entrance floor mats in the doorways of your office buildings to keep the interior clean. Entrance floor mats trap dirt, moisture, and other debris from outdoors from all incoming human traffic. You should also install indoor floor mats in your office buildings to protect the floors and also to prevent accidental falls in your business premises. If your commercial endeavor involves lots of standing hours for your workers or clients, such as in reception halls, then you should install anti fatigue floor mats. And every office building should have logo mats for brand promotion and advertisement. You should print your corporate logo and brand name in crisp graphics ion your entrance or indoor floor mats to important it in the minds of all your customers.


The hospitality industry is one of the biggest customers of commercial matting solutions. Hotels and restaurants require various types of floor mats for a variety of reason. For starters, all restaurants should have entrance floor mats that double up as logo mats with tasty welcoming logos and messages. These entrance mats will keep your restaurant floors clean and prevent falls when customers are getting in. You should also install indoor floor mats in the dining areas to protect the floors from scrapes and to enhance the interior décor. Install anti fatigue and anti slip floor mats in the kitchens to protect your chefs, waiters, and other personnel from accidental falls.

kitchen safety mats

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and other medical facilities require all the aforementioned floor mats to protect people from accidental falls protect floors, and keep the indoors clean. You will also need to install special types of medical floor mats to prevent contamination in the hospital. These are sterilized floor mats that are treated to prevent the growth and multiplication of microbes and other dangerous pathogens in healthcare facilities. You also need anti fatigue floor mats in surgical theaters and other working environments where the medical staff works while standing.

Other Commercial/Industrial Settings

In addition to all the aforementioned commercial and industrial places, you also need to install floor mats in manufacturing facilities, assembly lines, and other production facilities. You need special ESD matting solutions for welding and other electrical industries. You should also install vibration and noise reduction floor mats in mining sites, gyms and other active production facilities.