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4 Major Benefits Of Installing Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial entrance mats are installed across the main entryway or doorway into any commercial building or industrial facility. These mats double up as both indoor and outdoor mats because they extend from the outdoors into the interior of the building. Commercial entrance floor mats are produced from a tougher material than residential entrance floor mats. This is mainly because the commercial matting solutions are meant for heavier human traffic than residential floor mats. Anyway, there are many functional benefits of installing commercial entrance mats and we will look at the most important ones below.

commercial entrance mat

Personal Safety

One of the main benefits of installing commercial entrance floor mats is to ensure the safety of all human traffic using the building. Regardless of the type of commercial or industrial entrance matting solution that you install, you should always make sure that it is slip resistant. This means that the floor mats offer traction on slippery floors. Various commercial and industrial environments are subject to liquid spills during production and may hence have slippery floors from time to time. You will need to install functional anti slip entrance floor mats at the doorways to prevent accidental slips and falls in the workplace. Additionally, you can expect the entrance of any commercial building to be a bit slippery especially in wet and/or cold weather. People will have moisture underneath their shoes and it is up to your installed entrance mats to trap this hazardous agent and keep them from falling all over your floors.

Maintain Excellent Floor Condition

The other major application of commercial entrance mats is the maintenance of floor condition. As mentioned above, entrance floor mats are installed across the main doorway to trap moisture from the soles of the shoes of all human traffic. These mats are also used to trap dirt, salts, and other debris from the shoes of all workers and customers that enter the building. If the entrance floor mats are not in place, you will have these harsh substances and debris scraping your floors from the soles of the shoes of all human traffic. As such, installing commercial entrance floor mats in your place of business will help maintain your floors in excellent condition.

Keep Indoors Clean

This other benefit of installing commercial entrance floor mats is very similar to the one discussed above. Again we go back to the main functional application of entrance floor mats; the trapping of dirt, moisture, and all other debris from the soles of all human traffic and the wheels of all mechanical vehicles. This means that commercial entrance floor mats are used to maintain the cleanness of your commercial or industrial facilities. This is especially important in sanitary commercial environments. For instance, commercial entrance medical floor mats are also antimicrobial to ensure non-contamination ion healthcare facilities.

Branding And Marketing

Lastly, commercial entrance floor mats are used for various marketing and advertising purposes and also for brand promotion. As you may have noticed, most commercial entrance floor mats bear the logo of the company on their topsides. These types of entrance floor mats are appropriately referred to as logo mats. The branding helps to direct customers towards your business premises. And when done in clear crisp printing, the mats are used to promote the corporate name and brand in a very effective way. The logo mats capture the customers’ attention and the brand remains embedded in their minds. The entrance mats can also be used to communicate any kind of business promotion or advertisement.