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4 Specialty Mats Designed For Workplace Safety And Comfort

Depending on the intended application and desired functionality, different floor mats feature different design features. Floor mats are used in residential settings and also in commercial or business environments. Mats that are designed for commercial use are commonly known as industrial mats and they usually come with various specialty features suitable for the intended purpose. Industrial mats are used for two main reasons; to provide comfort in the workplace and for general safety or protection. Specialty mats that are designed to offer workplace comfort are commonly referred to as anti-fatigue mats because they provide ergonomic comfort to workers. On the other hand, mats that are designed to protect the workforce or other components of the production system are called safety floor mats. Naturally, most mats have several of these specialty design features to enhance their functionality. These specialty mat designs and other more specific/defined applications are all discussed below.


Anti-Fatigue Mats


As mentioned above, anti-fatigue mats are specially designed installations, which are meant to provide ergonomic comfort to workers in an office or in an industrial setting. The main benefit of using these types of mats is that they help optimize productivity because relaxed workers tend to be more resourceful and productive. A typical anti-fatigue mat usually contains a thick high-density foam or cushion, which is sandwiched between two rubber or vinyl backings, to provide buoyancy to a standing person and hence reduce leg fatigue and body weariness. There are many different types of ergonomic mats all featuring special designs depending on their intended purposes, such as standing on, kneeling on, or even operating machinery on.


Heated Mats


Another specialty design floor mat for the workplace comes in the form of a heated mat. Heated mats are used to heat or warm up office in cold weather. These floor mats feature various electrical components that convert electrical energy into heat. Heated mats help protect the workers from cold weather conditions and in so doing ensure comfort in the workplace. As you can see, heated mats are basically ergonomic comfort mats that fit the aforementioned anti-fatigue category.


Slip-Resistant Safety Mats


rubber mesh matting

Most floor mats are specially designed to protect workers from slip and fall accidents in slippery environments. These mats feature various anti-slip attributes that provide foot traction thereby ensuring safety in the workplace. Anti-slip safety mats have special grip adhesive backsides for strong surface attachment and textured topsides to provide enough traction on its face. Surface grip materials and rubber mesh matting are some of effective anti-slip solutions.


Special Application Mats


In addition to all the safety and comfort design benefits discussed above, some specialized industries require additional features in a mat. Industrial mats for electrical business settings like welding use specially designed mats, which conduct electricity harmlessly in order to protect the workers from electrical shock. Most manufacturing industries also prefer ESD dissipative mats. These mats neutralize all electrostatic discharge during production and this prevents static buildup in the workplace. Some other specialized industries like the medical field require antimicrobial mats to ensure safety and hygiene in the workplace. And then we have a myriad of industries that go for mats with specific physical properties, such as chemical resistant mats, water proof mats, noise reduction, oil & grease resistance, and many other features depending on the application.