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Mats Can Help Keep You From Slipping And Falling

Mats have many purposes. We all know that mats are good for wiping your feet off before you enter a building. We also know that mats provide a soft surface to tumble around on without getting injured. But did you know that mats can be designed to prevent you from slipping and falling? These mats are known as antislip mats, and they can be found in many different settings. In fact, these mats have probably been keeping you safe without you even knowing it! This article will explore the topic of antislip mats in greater detail.

Industrial Settings

Antislip mats are very helpful in industrial settings. In these settings, workers are typically moving about at a frantic pace, and of course the floors are very hard. For this reason, the risk of slips and falls in these settings is especially high, and the consequences especially dire. There are many steps that can be taken to reduce this risk in industrial settings, including proper training, rule enforcement, and adequate protective footwear. Another important safety measure that should be taken to reduce the occurrence of slips and falls is installing antislip matting. These mats can be placed throughout the factory, and should be placed in areas where slips and falls are most likely to occur. Antislip tape, from glow in the dark to chemical resistant, is another option for reducing the number of slips and falls that occur in a factory or warehouse setting.

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Pools, Spas, And Other Areas Where Floors Are Constantly Wet

Some floors are slipperier than others, and the floors surrounding pools are some of the slipperiest you will find. It goes without saying that antislip mats are crucial for safety in these areas. What’s more, these areas require a special kind of antislip mat. Water can cause standard antislip mats to become moldy and wear down (not to mention the health hazard that this poses). For this reason, waterproof antislip mats are used in areas where floors are frequently wet. Waterproof antislip mats retain their integrity even when they are soaked. You will find these mats at many public pools and health clubs. You can also lay them around your own personal pool.

Heated Mats Provide Extra Protection From Slips And Falls In Winter

Anyone who lives in cold climates knows how dangerous slips and falls can be when the ground is icy. Ice requires a special type of antislip mat: heated mats. These mats can be laid down on your driveway, your walkway, and even your outdoor staircase in order to greatly reduce the instances of slips and falls. “How do they work?” you might be wondering. These mats are simply plugged into an outlet, and electricity works its magic, heating the mat up so that snow and ice melt as soon as they form. This reduces the number of times that you need to shovel your outside, and it certainly reduces your risk of slipping and falling. Extension cords can also be purchased for these mats.