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4 Things You Need To Know About Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial entrance mats are some of the most commonly used floor mats across all industries. Almost everyone is familiar with these types of mats, which are usually the first floor accessories that we encounter when entering into any commercial or industrial environment. As the name suggests, commercial entrance mats are usually installed in the main doorways or entryways in various commercial settings. Also called entryway or indoor-outdoor mats, these types of floor mats are designed for special application between the interior and the exterior of any building. Their main purpose is to trap dirt, moisture, debris, snow etc carried underfoot from the outdoors in order to keep the indoors clean, safe, and undamaged. They also have other secondary applications and they are all covered below.

They Help Protect Floors

Commercial entrance mats are specially designed with superior functionality to protect floors from outdoor debris. Some of the most popular types are referred to as vinyl mats because they are made from the hardy polymer. Such mats feature special cleats and ridges to enable scraping and also to channel moisture from the mat into the ground. By trapping all kinds of outdoor dirt on their surfaces, commercial entrance mats ensure that the interior floors and matting solutions are not damaged by harsh debris, chemicals, and water.

They Provide Floor Safety

Outdoor-indoor entryways are some of the most dangerous floor spaces in a building. This is due to their continued exposure to harsh outdoor weather and environmental conditions, which usually causes these areas to be wet and very slippery most of the time. Without a good matting solution, your employees and customers risk slipping and falling while entering your business premises. To curb such accidents, commercial entrance mats feature ridged bottom and topsides which offer enough traction to keep everyone from tumbling and falling when entering a building.

They Can Be Used For Advertisement

As mentioned above, commercial entrance mats are usually the first thing you encounter when entering any building. This means that they are bound to capture your attention and create a lasting impression on your mind if they appear unique in any way. To capitalize on their optimal placement, most firms use their entrance floor mats for advertisement. Such mats are called logo mats because they usually feature the official logo or popular brand name of the firm on their faces. And to enhance their promotional effect, these mats are usually customized with colorful graphics and impressive colors that accentuate the company’s public image.


There Are 3 Main Types

Commercial entrance mats can either be indoor mats, outdoor mats or a hybrid of both. Indoor mats are installed just inside the door while outdoor models are placed just outside the door. Outdoor mats are usually produced from tough materials, such as rubber and vinyl loop, in order to withstand outdoor conditions. On the hand, indoor mats are usually created from cozy attractive materials like carpet fibers in order to enhance their aesthetic appeal and complement the interior décor of the house. Overall, indoor-outdoor mats are the most functionally profound entrance mats because they traverse both the indoors and the outdoors. This means that these types of entrance mats can be used across the entryway to link the indoors with the outdoors. They usually feature a combination of hardy attractive materials.