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Medical Floor Mats Explained

Medical matting solutions are installed in healthcare facilities to keep these environments clean, sterile, and uncontaminated. As such, medical floor mats come with all the requisite specialized features, such as being antimicrobial, antibacterial, and chemical resistant. Medical flooring solutions usually double as anti slip floor mats because they also offer traction and hence provide floor safety in the workplace. And to ensure workplace comfort and hence enhance overall productivity, medical flooring solutions are also anti fatigue industrial mats. This means that these mats provide ergonomic benefits to all medical personnel who stand too long while performing their duties.

Types Of Medical Floor Mats

There are many different types of medical matting products but they can all be categorized into four main classes or categories, namely traditional medical floor mats, anti-microbial floor mats, sterile room matting, and sticky floor mats. All these different types of medical matting solutions serve to keep the medical environment clean, uncontaminated, and accommodating.

Traditional Medical Floor Mats

These are specially designed floor mats that are intended for usage by medical personnel in hospitals. Usually installed in operating rooms, these mats serve as anti fatigue mats to surgeons, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in a theater. They contain gel in their fabric for buoyancy, which help relieve stress from a person’s muscles after standing for too long. In addition to their anti fatigue properties, most traditional medical matting solutions are also antimicrobial, antibacterial, and slip resistant.

Antimicrobial Floor Mats

Antimicrobial medical flooring solutions feature special chemicals or agents that are designed to kill or to inhibit the growth of microorganisms in a medical setting. These mats are capable of destroying 99.9% of all microorganisms and germs that land on their surfaces thereby ensuring a sterile and germfree working environment for medical staff. Most antimicrobial floor mats are also designed with tractions to trap dirt and other debris and some are also chemical, grease, stain, and mildew resistant.

Sterile Room Matting

Like the name suggests, these medical floor mats are used to keep the medical environment sterile and uncontaminated. Sterile room matting solutions are just like antimicrobial and antibacterial floor mats with the added advantage of being long-lasting in terms of functionality. As in they contain an antimicrobial agent that never wears out and can in fact withstand all medical sterilization solutions. Sterile room matting is usually anti fatigue to ensure comfort and good health for the medical staff.

Sticky Floor Mats

Sticky mats ensure physical cleanliness in a medical facility. These mats are specially designed with ridges for trapping dirt, moisture, and other debris from the footwear of medical staff. Therefore, sticky mats ensure that there is no physical dirt inside a medical facility, which goes a long way in ensuring that the place is not contaminated by various physical agents.

Benefits Of Medical Matting Products

Medical floor mats help keep a healthcare facility clean and sterile. Antimicrobial medical matting solutions contain a sterilizing agent that kills and inhibits the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria and fungus, thereby ensuring a microbe- or germfree medical environment,. Medical floor mats are also slip resistant and anti fatigue mats, which ensures workplace safety and workforce comfort respectively.

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