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5 Reasons Why You Should Install Floor Mats In Your Elevators

Elevators are some of the most recommendable spaces for installing floor mats. Many people do not realize this but floor mats are very important in an elevator. This is especially important in commercial buildings where there is heavy foot traffic. We have already discussed in a previous article the various spaces that you should consider installing interior floor mats in any commercial building. Hallways, corridors and elevators are ranked among the most strategic places for installing interior floor mats in a commercial building. Obviously you should choose commercial or industrial mats with all the necessary properties to ensure optimal functionality. This means that the floor mats for your elevator should be anti-slip floor mats, anti fatigue floor mats, and even customized logo mats. They should be able to provide floor safety in your elevators, to provide comfort as you are riding the elevator and also to send a marketing message to all clients using your elevators. Let us discuss these important reasons for installing floor mats in your elevators.

To Ensure Safe Floors

The main reason for installing mats on any floor is to ensure floor safety. Most floor mats are specially designed to be anti slip mats, with textured surfaces to enhance traction on wet slippery floors. They help prevent slip-and-fall accidents in any environment. Elevators are some of the most used places in any commercial building. People are always riding elevators up and down the building. If the floor of the elevator is not covered with a floor mat, then you risk slipping and hurting yourself when entering or exiting the lift. This can easily occur if you have just entered the building and your shoes are still wet and muddy. The floor mat in the elevator will trap the dirt and moisture under the soles of your shoes ensuring that even after you exit the elevator you will be safe.

To Protect The Floors

Installing floor mats in your elevators will keep the floors of the elevator and the rest of the building clean and protected. People just entering the building from outdoors will use the floor mats to wipe dirt, moisture, and other debris from their shoes. This means that the elevator will not be exposed to scratches and dirt by these outdoor visitors. This will also help to maintain clean excellent floors in the rest of the building. The floor mats in your elevators will trap almost all the dirty and moisture in the shoes of the building visitors to ensure that this does not reach the commercial floors.

To Ensure Comfort


Although elevator rides are not that long, you can still feel tired if the floor is bare. Installing anti fatigue mats in your commercial elevators will enhance the comfort of your workers and clients as they ride the elevators up and down your building.

For Advertisement Purposes

One of the most strategic places of installing a customized logo mat is the elevator. Everyone will see the promotional brand or marketing message when entering the elevator. And when bored inside the elevator, they will read it again and again.

To Enhance The Interior Décor

Carpeted or matted elevators are quite smart. They project a professional outlook in your commercial building. This also shows that you care about the health and wellbeing of your workers and clients.