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5 Recommendable Types Of Medical Floor Mats

There are very many types of floor mats in the market today. All floor mats are broadly classified into two main categories depending on the intended application. There are residential floor mats for your home and commercial or industrial floor mats from your business premises, production site, or industrial park. These floor mats can be further classified according to their type. That is how you get entrance floor mats, interior floor mats, anti-slip floor mats, anti fatigue floor mats, heated mats, logo mats, medical mats, salon mats, and many other types of floor mats. The aforementioned subcategories usually feature various brands of floor mats. That is why you will get various brands of floor mats under medical floor mats. Basically, medical floor mats are specially designed mats for use in the medical industry. One defining property about medical mats is that they are antimicrobial. But you should always consider several functional properties when choosing a floor mat. This means that in addition to being antimicrobial, your medical mats should also be anti fatigue mats, anti-slip mats, scraping mats, and aesthetically pleasing. The following five types of medial mats offer the full package in terms of functional benefits.

Airug Disposable Surgical Mats

As the name implies, these are disposable medical mats designed for operating or surgical theaters. Airug disposable surgical mats are antifungal that prevent contamination and cross contamination in healthcare facilities. These mats also provide ergonomic comfort and are hence anti fatigue mats. They are recommended for surgical theaters but they can also be used as exam mats.

Comfort-Eze Antimicrobial Floor Mats

This medical mat is made from rubber and it features a bubble top design to enhance ergonomic comfort. Comfort-Eze antimicrobial floor mats has a very powerful industrial grade antimicrobial agent that kills and inhibits the growth of most Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and fungus. The antimicrobial formula is manufactured directly into the rubber to ensure longevity. This mat is very easy wipe clean and it’s highly resistant to many hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants.

Ortho Antimicrobial Floor Mats

This is one of the best anti fatigue mats for the medical industry. The ultra soft mat is recommended by physicians as an orthopedic mat because it offers extraordinary comfort even after standing for very many hours. Ortho antimicrobial mats are made of PVC nitrile closed-cell rubber which is resistant to acids, petroleum products, animal and vegetable fats, and various chemicals. The mat has anti-slip beveled edges that prevent accidental falls in the workplace.

Razorback Dyna Shield Mats

This is an anti fatigue medical mat designed for medium duty dry work areas such as labs, packaging stations, and shipping departments. The mat has a Dyna-Shield® sponge to enhance buoyancy and a tough protective layer to increase tear resistance and tensile strength. Razorback Dyna Shield mats are anti-slip floor mats with corrugated top surface texture with ribs that run from side to side to increase traction and ensure sure footing.

ViSpa Wax Trapper™ Mats

ViSpa wax trapper floor mats are made from vinyl. The material is nonwoven continuous filament bonded carpet. The mat is super strong and can withstand heavy foot traffic, corrosive chemicals like sulfuric acid and paraffin.