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5 Ways to Use Floormats To Prevent Icy Slips and Falls

Heated Outdoor Mats – One of the best ways to prevent slips and falls in the Winter is to use heated outdoor floormats (maybe we should call them sidewalk mats, or ground mats?) These heated mats work to keep ice off of key areas such as just outside doors and even along walkways.  An unexpected step onto an icy surface can land people in the hospital unexpectedly and something as simple as a heated mat can protect them from these falls. 

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Heavy Duty Mats to Reduce Slush and Ice – Also an issue is when you walk into a home or building but your shoes or boots are covered in slush, ice and water.  This will create a dirty, slippery mess just inside the door where people might ball.  The solution is to be sure to have rugged floormats to clean your shoes and boots on just outside as well as inside an entryway.  Plus, this will keep the interior cleaner as it reduces people tracking around wet and dirty slush on their shoes.  Any transition from outdoor to indoor, regardless of the building, should have mats in the Winter months.  Homes, schools, businesses and public places should all take safety and cleanliness seriously and use these simple options to improve safety and cut down on the mess.

Garage Floormats – Just like the inside of the building should have mats to reduce ice, slush and dirt in the Winter, you can also put heavy duty floormats in garages to reduce the slip and fall risk in the Winter as you get in or out of the car.  Ice and water can collect in your garage from the car and because it is not heated, it can build up to be a serious slip and fall risk.  Plus, having good mats in the garage can keep your car interior cleaner.

Anti-Slip Tape on Steps – Steps in the Winter are always a big risk.  First you should keep them free of ice with rock salt and regular cleaning.  Even if they are clean, there is a chance they will be damp and slippery and using anti-slip tape or covering on them can reduce the risk of people falling on your property.

Heavy Duty Mats to Prevent Drain Clogs – Lastly, when you have all those leaves blowing around and you have temperatures going up and down, outdoor drains can get clogged with leaves and then the standing water can freeze at night into a sheet of ice, creating an unexpected and dangerous slip and fall hazard.  Simple Sanitop mats over drains can reduce the likelihood of clogs and keep your water draining better, and reduce slipping risks.

This Winter, things will get icy and slips on ice can cause serious injuries.  It is time to get those floormats in place and reduce your risk.