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6 Things You Need To Know About Antimicrobial Floor Mats

Antimicrobial floor mats are specially designed for installation in highly sensitive and sterile working environments. These mats are used to prevent contamination and cross contamination in these sanitized commercial and industrial sites. As such, antimicrobial floor mats are also referred to as contamination control floor mats. Antimicrobial floor mats are designed to trap contaminants that can be carried into a room on our shoes and feet. They also contain active antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth and multiplication of bacteria and various other microbes. Antimicrobial floor mats are mainly used in medical or healthcare industry. They are also used in the hospitality industry and in sensitive production sites in the auto and technological industries. You should always try to remember the following things about antimicrobial floor mats.

They Destroy Germs And Bacteria

Antimicrobial floor mats are mainly used to prevent contamination in various sterile working places. They usually accomplish this feat by trapping and destroying bacteria, fungi, and other germs. Medical mats usually come with a powerful antimicrobial formula that resists most Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and fungus. Remember that these medical floor mats are usually installed in healthcare facilities where all kinds of bacteria and microbes are transmitted in vast quantities by the patients. You need some highly effective contamination control solutions to curb the spread and multiplication of these microbes. Antimicrobial floor mats are designed to handle such microscopic threats for a very long time.

They Trap Dirt, Dust, And Debris

The ordinary floor mats is mainly used to trap dirt, moisture and debris from the soles of your shoes as you enter a building. This is still the case with antimicrobial floor mats. Just because they have antimicrobial properties does not mean that you cannot use these mats to wipe and scrape your shoes clean. This is another way of preventing contamination in the workplace. These highly sanitized commercial and industrial sites should not have any dust or other particles flying around. By trapping all the dirt and other debris as you enter these sterile buildings, antimicrobial floor mats ensure non-contamination in these working environments.

They Enhance Comfort

Antimicrobial floor mats usually offer the full packages. They prevent contamination, keep the indoors clean and sterile, and also offer ergonomic comfort to the users. Remember that these antimicrobial floor mats are usually installed as exam or surgical floor mats. This means that the physician or surgeon standing on them will spend long hours in the same position without seating. That is why all antimicrobial floor mats should also be anti fatigue floor mats. This ensures comfort, health, wellbeing, and productivity of the user.

Ensure Safer Floors

Another property in the antimicrobial matting package is floor safety. Antimicrobial floor mats should also be slip-resistant. This ensures that the users do not suffer slip-and-fall accidents when walking on wet slippery floors.

Protect The Flooring

And as mentioned above, antimicrobial floor mats trap dirt, mud, and moisture as you enter a building. This protects the floor from scarring and scratching. It also ensures that the floors remain clean and spotless.

Complement Sterile Décor

Depending on the industrial application, antimicrobial floor mats come in somber sterile colors. They project the antiseptic interior décor of these sterile facilities.

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