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Advantages Of Installing Medical Floor Mats

Basically, medical floor mats are all mats designed for installation in medical facilities or for use in the medical industry. Medical floor mats are not like ordinary commercial interior mats. They have special features and properties to enhance their functionality and to optimize their application. Mostly, medical floor mats are installed in medical or healthcare facilities. They are installed in various rooms and departments in medical facilities. That is how we get exam and surgical floor mats. Exam mats are installed in areas where patients receive routine checkups and medical examinations. Surgical mats are specially designed for installation in operating theaters. They are used by surgeons and other surgical staff to prevent cross-contamination during surgery and also to enhance ergonomic comfort during the long standing hours of performing surgery. Medical floor mats offer special functional benefits to the sterile work environments that they are designed for. They also provide all the basic functional benefits of ordinary commercial floor mats. Let us look at some of these advantages of installing medical floor mats.

Contamination Control

One of the special functional benefits of installing medical floor mats in a sterile working space is contamination control. In fact the main difference between medical mats and other commercial or industrial floor mats is contamination control. Medical floor mats usually come with antimicrobial agents that trap and destroy bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. One thing that you should know about these antimicrobial agents is that they are designed to last for a very long time. In fact the mat will wear out before the added antimicrobial agent wears out. Medical floor mats are also referred to as antimicrobial floor mats because of this contamination control. The important thing to note about these antimicrobial mats is that they prevent contamination and cross contamination in various sterile work areas. In other words, you can’t bring germs and bacteria into the room and you can’t leave with any. They trap and kill the microbes and also inhibit their growth.

Anti Fatigue Properties

Ergonomic comfort is a basic functional benefit of all types of commercial or industrial floor mats. When it comes to medical floor mats, they should all be anti fatigue floor mats. This is because medical personnel usually works while standing up. This can cause massive stress and strain to the body muscles, which can affect the health and productivity of the physician, surgeon, nurse, or any other medical staff.

Safer Floors

All commercial and industrial floor mats should be slip resistant. In other words, all mats installed in work areas should have anti-slip properties. The main reason for this is to ensure floor safety. Medical floor mats are not an exception. They should all be anti-slip floor mats to enhance traction and keep the user safe when walking on the wet slippery medical floors.

Floor Protection And Cleanliness

Any floor mat should be designed in such a way that you can use it to wipe and scrape, mud, dirt, moisture, and other debris from the soles of your shoes. Again medical floor mats should not be any different. Medical floor mats should be used to protect your floors from physical damage by heavy foot traffic and also to keep the indoors spotless.

Sterile Outlook

Another functional benefit that we can consider special for the medical floor mats is sterile appeal. These mats do not come in the mold colorful tones of ordinary commercial mats. They usually highlight and project a sterile super clean outlook with their reserved colors and special design styles and patterns.

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