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Anti-Fatigue Matting 101

Anti-fatigue floor mats are some of the most popular mats in the commercial/industrial market. The main reason for the ever-soaring popularity of these floor mats is their ergonomic benefits. Anti-fatigue floor mats are primarily designed to enhance workplace comfort. This is not to say that these mats do not offer other functional benefits. Most anti-fatigue floor mats double up as office chair mats, entrance mats, heated floor mats and so on. Some anti-fatigue floor mats with logos are even used for promoting brand awareness and other marketing activities, as well as conveying safety messages, like “stop” or “slow”. As you can see, anti-fatigue floor mats are some of the most beneficial floor installations in any commercial or industrial environment. Read on if you wish to learn a great deal more about anti-fatigue floor mats their production, types, application, design etc.


Anti-fatigue floor mats are made of two rough backings sandwiching a cushiony material in between. The hard tough backings can be made of rubber or vinyl while the cushiony material can be made of gel, foam, or other buoyant compounds like nitrile gel or closed cell PVC. The cushiony material is used to absorb strain and stress from the bodily muscles of the user. In other words, anti-fatigue floor mats are designed to offer buoyancy to the user. The level or comfort provided by the mat depends on the thickness of the cushiony material that is sandwiched between the hard backings.



Anti-fatigue floor mats are usually installed in busy commercial/industrial environments that involve standing for long hours. For instance, they are usually installed on busy assembly lines so that employees can work comfortably even when standing for long hours. They care also used to enhance comfort and reduce standing fatigue to customers in service areas where customers have to wait in line for long. Such as ATM waiting lines and standing reception or counter areas.


How To Choose

Anti fatigue floor mats are produced in many different designs and sizes. They are also made from many different materials and they come in varying colors and styles. In order to choose the best anti-fatigue floor mat for you place of business, you should consider several important factors. One, you should choose a mat that is amply thick depending on how long a user will stand on it before a break. You should also consider the quality, cost and durability of the anti-fatigue floor mat. And lastly you should factor in other functional applications, such as aesthetic appeal, slip resistance, waterproofing, chemical resistance, and antistatic properties.

Functional Benefits

We have already highlighted some of the functional benefits of installing anti-fatigue floor mats in the workplace. The main purpose of using anti-fatigue floor mats in any commercial setting is to provide comfort to the customers and workers. These specialty floor mats relieve muscular stress and strain thereby promoting relaxation in the workplace during long standing hours. The ergonomic benefits provided by anti-fatigue floor mats helps prevent various health problems, such as back and joint pains, poor blood circulation in the feet &legs, circulatory & heart problems, varicose veins, muscle cramps, pregnancy problems, body fatigue etc. By eliminating all these stress-related health complications in the workplace, anti-fatigue floor mats enhance the overall productivity of the workforce. There is leas absenteeism and sick offs, and the company spends less money on medical services. The relaxed and vibrant workforce is highly predictive, which translates into profit maximization for the company.