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Functional & Marketing Benefits Of Custom Logo Mats

The main reason for using floor mats in any commercial or industrial setting is to provide safety and protection in the workplace. Floor mats do not only protect the floor from physical damage but they also promote safety against slips, falls and trips to all the people in your place of business. Additionally, floor mats are used to beautify or embellish the general outlook of your premises. Nowadays we have specially designed anti-fatigue floor mats that are used to enhance ergonomic comfort in the workplace. You can also install floor mats with logos to enhance brand awareness in a simple and cost-effective marketing tactic. When produced and designed according to a client’s instructions, these floor mats with logos are referred to as custom logo mats. Custom logo mats are used in all kinds of commercial and industrial settings to project the image of a company, enhance brand awareness, and promote its marketing agenda. In other words, custom logo mats are mainly used for marketing and advertisement purposes. We will look at all the functional and marketing benefits of custom logo mats below.

Functional Benefits

When we talk about the functional benefits of a floor mat, we are basically referring to the practical applications or uses of the mat. Essentially, custom floor mats are just ordinary floor mats except that they have an additional unique feature in their design. This means that any custom floor mat can also provide all the other functional benefits of an ordinary floor mat. For starters, custom floor mats are used to provide floor protection in the workplace. These mats are used to cover floors and hence avoid surface damage from chair and shoe scrapes. When used as entrance, mats, custom floor mats trap dirt and other debris from outdoors thereby ensuring that the workplace is clean and fresh. Custom floor mats are also used to ensure safety in the workplace. Depending on the area or site if installation in any office building or production facility, these mats usually prevent accidental falls and slips especially in wet conditions. Custom logo mats can hence be installed on wet floor surfaces to provide traction to human traffic and hence prevent accidental falls and injuries. And last but not least, custom logo mats can also double as anti-fatigue mats. If used as such, these mats absorb muscle stress and strain from the bodies of workers and/or customers who have to stand for too long in the workplace. These mats provide ergonomic comfort in commercial and industrial environments.

Marketing Benefits

logo matting

The other major reason why we install custom logo mats in our places of business is to reap their marketing benefits. Custom logo mats are usually designed according to the client’s specifications. They usually bear the logo or brand of the client company on their faces. Custom logo mats are used to enhance brand awareness in any commercial setting. For instance, hotel mats with customized logos are usually installed strategically at the entrance of the restaurant to create a friendly and welcoming ambiance at the doorway. Custom floor mats should be placed in open floor spaces where people can see them clearly to ensure that they create a lasting mental impression of the company’s brand name on the customers. These specialty floor mats can also be used for other marketing and promotional purposes, such as for discount or sale announcements or proclamations.