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Types Of Office Chair Mats

Office chair mats are specially designed floor mats that are installed underneath your seat to enhance workplace safety and comfort. These floor mats can be installed directly on a hard floor surface or atop another type of floor carpeting. There are several important factors that you should always consider when choosing floor mats to install underneath your office chairs.

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One of the main points of concern should be the intended functional application. This refers to the specific use(s) of the office chair mat. For instance, some floor mats are only used to cover and protect the floor from chair scrapes while others offer a myriad of functional benefits including anti-fatigue, anti-slip and anti-static benefits. Some office chair mats are also used as custom floor mats for advertisement purposes. The other important consideration has already been insinuated above. It concerns the type of floor where the chair mat will be installed; whether it’s a bare hard surface or an already carpeted floor. You should also consider the size and shape of the installation space and the preferred colors and design styles of your office chair mats. And last but not least, the quality of the floor mats should always be a major consideration especially when it comes to price/cost comparison. There are many different types of office chair mats but we will only look at the major classes below.

Office Chair Mats For Carpeted Floors

As mentioned above, one of the most important considerations when choosing an office chair mat is the type of floor where it’s going to be installed. Basically, there are two main types of floors in any setting. There are carpeted and uncarpeted floors. Carpeted floors are ordinary floors that are covered with any type of material, fabric, or matting product. The carpet is used for noise reduction, to protect the floors, to cushion floors, and to enhance safety in the workplace. There are two main types of specially designed office chair mats for carpeted floors, namely anchor chair mats and anti-static chair mats.

Anchor Chair Mats


These specialty floor mats provide a firm grip and an anti-slip solution for slippery floors,. They have a textured gripper backing that can be used with magna grip that holds the mat firmly on the carpet and prevents the chair from sliding from the top of the mat. Anchor chair mats for carpeted floors are usually produced from vinyl and are hence very easy to clean and maintain and very durable. They come in many different sizes, thicknesses, and designs.

Anti-Static Chair Mats

In addition to the gripper anti-slip properties featured in the anchor chair mats discussed above, antistatic mats also provide protection from static electricity in the workplace. They are mainly used in sensitive commercial environment to protect electrical equipment from electrical shocks and shorts. These mats are also very easy to maintain, tough, and durable. And they come in many different sizes and colors.

Hard Surface Office Chair Mats

These floor mats are installed directly on hard surface office floors. These are floors that have no carpet covering on them. Office chair mats for hard surface floors are used for floor protection, to reduce noise in the workplace, and to provide safety to human traffic. Hey are made of heavy-duty tough materials like vinyl and rubber with cleats and textured backings to enhance traction on and above the floor. Hard surface chair mats come in many different sizes, designs, shapes, and colors.