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Anti Slip Matting Solutions For Commercial/Industrial Use

One of the most important applications or functions of industrial floor mats is ensuring safety in the workplace. And one of the most dangerous things in any workplace is a slippery floor. Slippery floors can cause workers and customers to lose their footing and fall thereby injuring themselves. Workplace accidents caused by slippery floors can cost the firm a lot of money in terms of compensation to injured workers and customers and also in man-hours for absentee staff due to medical afflictions. To curb such incidents, you should invest in anti slip matting solutions for commercial and industrial use. There are several different types of anti slip matting solutions that can be used to prevent floor-related accidents in the workplace and they are all discussed below.

Anti Slip Floor Mats

Anti slip floor mats are general-purpose matting solutions that are installed on slippery surfaces to provide traction to human traffic. Whether it’s a wet floor or a frictionless surface, anti slip mats will ensure that you get adequate traction while walking on it. Anti slip or slip resistant floor mats are specially designed with surface ridges and embossed pattern designs to provide grip on the floor and under the shoe. These surface designs ensure that the mat is firmly attached to floor and that your shoe is always held in place as you walk on the carpet or mat. Additionally, these embossed or raised surface patterns act as scrape-boards for trapping dirt, moisture, and debris from outdoors. In most cases, anti slip floor mats are also used to provide comfort ion the workplace. Designed as anti fatigue floormats, these commercial matting solutions help relieve strain and stress in the muscles of workers and customers who stand for long in any commercial setting.

Anti Slip Treads And Tapes

Anti slip floor mats are complemented by anti slip step treads and tapers. Anti slip treads and tapes can be used together with floor mats or they can be installed in special settings where floor mats are not applicable. There are two main types of anti slip step treads and tapes. There are general-purpose or all-purpose anti slip treads and grip tapes, which are installed on all kinds of floor surfaces, walkways, and stairways in ordinary commercial or industrial environments. We also have specialty anti slip treads and grip tapes for installation in special or specific commercial or industrial settings, such as chemical resistant anti slip treads and tapes for chemical factories, aqua-safe anti slip treads and tapes for wet slippery floors, and antimicrobial anti slip treads and grip tapes for medial facilities. Just like the aforementioned anti slip floor mats, anti slip treads are laid on the floor surface to provide traction to human and vehicular traffic. They usually feature ridged surfaces for surface grip and to support topside traffic.  Grip tapes can either be textured abrasive or textured nonabrasive and they are usually attached to the surface using their own adhesive or with any other kind of adhesive. They feature textured topsides for traction.

Other Anti Slip Solutions

In addition to anti slip floor mats and anti slip treads and tapes, we also have anti slip floor signs and markers and anti slip safety paints and coatings. These other anti slip solutions do not offer traction directly to users but they pinpoint or indicate wet and/or slippery floor sections to avoid.

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