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Care And Maintenance Tips Of Surgical Mats

All floor mats require special care and proper maintenance. Regardless of the type of mat, production material, or place of installation, all your floor mats should be used properly and maintained well. If you want your floor mats to function properly and to last for a very long time, then you have to afford them the care that they deserve. But some special types of floor mats require additional care and maintenance to ensure their functionality and enhance their longevity. One such type of floor mats is called medical floor mats. These are specially designed floor mats for installation in healthcare facilities and for use in the medical industry. They are usually classified as either exam floor mats or surgical floor mats depending on the site of installation in the medical facility. Medical floor mats usually feature antimicrobial agents for capturing and killing bacteria and germs in these sterile working environments. This means that you need to inspect your medical antimicrobial mats more regularly and thoroughly to ensure that it’s still functional in terms of contamination control. Other than the regular and thorough inspections, your medical floor mats require just the usual care and maintenance.

Regular And Proper Cleaning

All floor mats should be cleaned regularly and properly. If you wish your mats to remain functional and to retain their aesthetic appeal, then you need to clean them regularly and properly. And because medical floor mats are usually installed in highly sanitized sites, they require even more cleaning. Depending on the weather conditions, you can dust or sweep your exam and surgical floor mats several times a day. Remember that wet weather conditions bring in more dirt and mid. This means that the mats should be cleaned more times and changed more frequently when the weather is wet. You should also clean your medical floor mats with a detergent and scrubber several times a week. Again the frequency of the cleaning and changing of the mats depends on the weather conditions. You should also arrange to have all your medical floor mats cleaned professionally at least once or twice a month. That is if you do not have the proper equipment to implement a thorough cleanup of your medical floor mats.

Proper Installation And Handling

All your medical floor mats should be handled carefully and installed properly. After cleaning, they should be laid flat to dry. The mats should never be folded. They should be left to dry completely before reinstallation or storage. Before the mats are reinstalled, you should thoroughly clean the installation floor space to remove all dirt, debris, and moisture. Your medical floor mats should be strategically installed to serve the intended functions. If it’s surgical mats, they should be installed around the surgical bed where the surgeon(s) and other surgical staff will stand during the surgery.

Regular And Thorough Inspection

You should inspect all your healthcare matting solutions regularly and very thoroughly. As mentioned above, medical mats have antimicrobial agents for trapping and destroying microbes in the sterile medical sites. You should inspect the mats regularly or have them inspected by a professional regularly and thoroughly to ensure that the antimicrobial agent is still active. The good news is that most modern medical mats have very powerful antimicrobial agents that last for a very long time. You should also inspect the mats for wear and tear defects.

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