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Which snow melting mat is best for you? Snow Melting Mat Comparison

Which snow melting mat is best for you? Snow Melting Mat Comparison

Commercial And Industrial Applications Of Contamination Control Mats

Contamination control mats are specially designed floor mats that trap all kinds of contaminants to maintain a safe sterile working environment. Contamination control floor mats are more commonly referred to as antimicrobial floor mats. These mats are designed for sensitive and controlled working areas. Contamination control mats are usually designed for commercial and industrial applications and are hence categorized as commercial or industrial mats. You can actually curb contamination in any facility by using these floor mats. According to one industry research, 80% of all contaminants are bought inside a room at the floor level. This means that if you can manage to trap a huge fraction of contaminants at the floor level using floor mats, then your rooms will be perfectly sanitized. Antimicrobial floor mats are currently used in many different industries. In some cases it’s mandatory that you install contamination control mats in the workplace. But some other industries have just adopted these specialty floor mats to create sterile working environments. Let us now look at the major commercial and industrial applications of contamination control or antimicrobial floor mats.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities install antimicrobial floor mats to prevent cross contamination between patients and medical personnel. Medical floor mats have antimicrobial agents that trap dust, dirt, bacteria, fungi, and all types of germs to maintain a clean sterile working environment. You have to remember that there are all kinds of microbes in medical facilities. Most medical floor mats have long lasting antimicrobial agents that can last longer than the mat itself.

medical mats

Medical & Chemical Laboratories

Medical and chemical laboratories are highly sensitive working environments that require controlled conditions. All kinds of sensitive experiments and research are conducted in these places. The facilities should be spotless and thoroughly sanitized. To prevent cross contamination in medical and chemical laboratories, install high quality antimicrobial floor mats.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

This is where our medicines and medical drugs are manufactured. As you can imagine, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities should maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and sterility. The chemicals used in these facilities are very dangerous and should not be passed from one room to another. Contamination control floor mats will help maintain optimal cleanliness and sterility during the drug production process.

Sterile Production/Manufacturing Sites

There are many other sterile production sites that require contamination control mats. Take for example a factory for manufacturing microchips. Microchips and other sensitive technological parts can be destroyed by even the tiniest speck of dust. You should ensure that there is no dirt or dust or any other contaminants in such sensitive production sites.

Hotels And Restaurants

The hospitality industry has adopted antimicrobial floor mats in an amazing way. Some legal jurisdictions require that every food service business install contamination control floor mats in their workplaces. Even if you are not required by law to install antimicrobial floor mats in your hotel or restaurant, you should go ahead and install them to prevent food contamination. They should be installed in the kitchens where the food is prepared and in the dining area where the food is served to prevent contamination by dust, dirt, and various microbes.

Specialized Auto Painting Garages

Some specialized car painting facilities use antimicrobial floor mats to prevent contamination. These mats trap all the dust, dirt, and other particles that can ruin the sensitive paint work. These specialized auto painting garages maintain sterile working sites using antimicrobial floor mats.