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Common Types Of Entry Mats

Entrance or entryway floor mats are installed across the doorway to trap all dirt, moisture, and debris as people walk into the house. Some people install two separate entrance mats to ensure optimal functionality. One scraper mat is installed just outside the door and a wiper mat is placed just inside the door. Other people install one entrance mat for scraping as well as wiping. High quality entrance mats can trap up to 90% of all dirt, moisture, and debris as people walk into the house. Entryway mats are usually made from tough materials like rubber, vinyl, and carpet fibers. In addition to trapping dirt, moisture, and debris, these mats also provide traction to users entering the house with wet shoes. They are designed with special traction ridges to ensure a firm grip on the floor and on the shoe so that the user does not slip and fall while walking into the house. And you can also customize your entrance mat to bear a welcoming message, to include your name, or to promote your brand. There are very many types of entrance floor mats in the market today. And like all other floor mats, entrance mats come in many different brands. Today we are going to look at some of the biggest brands of entry mast in the market today.


Wayfarer entrance mats are high quality matting solutions designed for light to medium, traffic areas. These mats feature a vinyl-looped construction that traps dirt and moisture while enabling the user to scrape debris from the soles of his shoes. They have a thick vinyl backing with traction ridges to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Wayfarer mats come with factory compressed borders and they are designed to dry quickly after use and to resist mildew. Wayfarer entrance mats are installed in outdoor entrances, plant doorways, water fountains, and pool areas. The Wayfarer brand features the following types of entrance mats: Wayfarer, Wayfarer Custom, and Wayfarer Custom HD


WaterHog is one of the biggest matting brands in the market today. WaterHog entrance mats can be installed both indoors and outdoors. These mats have a classic water dam border that traps all dirt and moisture. WaterHog mats have a strong rubber backing and a highly stain resistant polypropylene fabric. The mats are antistatic and recommended for commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, office buildings and more. WaterHog entrance mats include: WaterHog Classic, WaterHog Classic Diamond, WaterHog Eco Elite, WaterHog Eco Elite Fashion, WaterHog Fashion, WaterHog Grand Classic, WaterHog Masterpiece Select, and many more.

Brush Hog

Brush Hog entry mats have a turf pile fabric construction that filters dirt and moisture away from the mat surface. The mats have drainable borders that redistribute water effectively. These mats are recommended for outdoor installation. Brush Hog entrance mats cannot fade in the sun because they are made from high performance solution dyed nylon. They include Brush Hog and Brush Hog Plus.


Opera entry mats have three design styles incorporated into one mat. They have a looped nonabsorbent yarn for scarping. An absorbent Decalon looped pile for drying and a pure Decalon looped pile to complete the drying function. The three matting designs are color-coordinated to achieve remarkable beauty as well as optimal functionality. Opera entry mats have a rigid vinyl backing for extra traction.

Super Scrape

Super Scrape entry mats are made from 100% nitrile rubber. Their molded tread surface is slip resistant and their cleats are very effective in scraping dirt and mud. These mats are suitable for outdoor installation. Super Scrape entry mats include Super Scrape, Super Scrape Eco Entry Mat, and Super Scrape Parquet entry mat.