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How To Promote Your Brand With Entryway Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are used for many different purposes. Anti slip commercial floor mats are used to prevent enhance floor safety in the workplace. Anti fatigue commercial floor mats are used to enhance comfort and wellbeing in the workplace thereby increasing productivity in the workplace. We also have medical antimicrobial floor mats that are used to prevent contamination in medical facilities. And we can’t forget heated chair mats, which are used to protect floors and to provide warmth in the workplace. But we also have a very special floor mat that you will find at the main entrance of any commercial building. This is called the commercial entrance or entryway floor mat. Commercial entrance mats are used to keep floors clean and dry, to protect floors from physical damage, to protect workers and clients from accidental falls, and for aesthetic purposes. But there is one other major application of commercial entrance floor mats; brand promotion and advertising. You can have your commercial entrance mat customized with your corporate logo or brand. And because all entry mats are strategically placed at the main entrance of any building, the customized mat will work wonders in promoting your brand and for other marketing purposes. Let us walk you through the process of brand promotion using your entryway floor mat.

Choose High Quality Entrance Mats

The first thing that you should do if you decide to use your entryway floor mats for brand promotion is to choose high quality mats. You should take some time to select high quality mats from a reliable matting company for customization. There are many reputable brands of entryway mats in the market today including Wayfarer, WaterHog, Brush Hog, Opera, and Super Scrape. You can choose a high quality entrance mat from any of these reputable brands. Actually most of these established matting brands like WaterHog offer several product lines for the same matting product. You should consult a reliable matting dealer for advice on the best type of entrance mat that you should buy for brand promotion.

Customize With Your Corporate Logo

After buying high quality entrance mats, you now have to customize them with your brand. Most established matting companies are capable of handling any type of customization or branding. You just need to give them the graphics that you want them to print on your entrance mat and they will handle the project. The matting company will send you a digital version of the project for approval.

Ensure Quality Branding

Again you need to ensure that the printing or branding is done perfectly. You can ask the matting company for samples of their past work to determine whether they are competent or not. The good news is that you will be sent the digital design before the actual printing for approval. Make sure that all the colors are bright and sharp, and that the graphics are classy and professional.

Install Customized Entrance Mats

After receiving your branded entryway mats, now you just need to install them. You should install your branded entrance mats strategically to ensure maximum visibility. If possible, your branded entrance mat should extend inside and outside your commercial building. The outdoor section should be clearly visible so that visiting clients and passersby get a glimpse of your corporate logo and the brand that you are promoting.

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