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Comparing The 3 Main Types Of Floor Mats

There are quite a number of types of floor mats; all designed to enhance safety and productivity in the workplace. Floor mats are usually classified or categorized according to a number of factors. One of the main factors that is used to categorize floor mats is their intended site of installation or application. They can either be installed indoor s or outdoors depending on their design and functional nature. They can also be installed in residential/home or in commercial/industrial settings. Floor mats are basically designed to enhance safety and comfort in any these environments. On a more advanced basis, floor mats are used as specialty products for functional applications. Anyway, all floor mats can be classified or categorized according to the following functional applications.


Indoor vs. Outdoor Mats

All floor mats can either be classified as either indoor or outdoor mats. But that isn’t quite accurate because we also have outdoor-indoor floor mats, which are also called entryway mats. Elementarily, indoor mats are placed or installed inside a building while outdoor mats are installed on the outside. Expectedly, outdoor mats are hardier and tougher than indoor mats so that they can withstand the rough conditions on the outside. However, despite their physical placement, floor mats are also classified according to a number of other important factors as discussed below.

Residential vs. Commercial/Industrial

At the grand scheme of things, the matting industry is split into two main sectors. There is the residential matting systems for homes, and the commercial matting systems for industrial sectors. Pragmatically speaking, most mat producers serve the two sectors to a satisfactory degree. In other words, most matting companies produce both residential and commercial mats. Residential mats are usually designed for lower traffic and lower stress applications whereas commercial mats are meant for all types of business or workplace applications. We even have specialty industrial mats for specific industries such as medical settings, welding and electrical business environments, noisy areas, and vibratory or mining industrial sites where you need specialized floor mats. All these mats are discussed below.

Standard vs. Specialty Mats

Standard floor mats are ordinary mats that can be installed in any setting. These are the types of mats that are not designed for specific applications, such as residential or industrial environments. On the other hand, specialty floor mats are specially designed to withstand and support specific functional needs in various industrial settings. Some of these mats are also used in residential settings for specialty purposes. We are talking about serving specific purposes in the home or in the workplace. For example we have the heated floor mat that is used both at home and in the workplace to provide warmth indoors. When it comes to specialty mats, the obvious application is usually in industrial or commercial settings. We have lots of specialty industrial mats for anti-fatigue or ergonomic comfort and also for general application. Other specialty mats are used for waterproofing, slip-resistance, grease and oil resistance, and also for chemical resistance. In more specialized settings, we have noise and vibration reduction industrial mats, antimicrobial mats and so on. It all depends on the functional value and the intended application.