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Types Of Specialty Matting Solutions And Their Benefits

Specialty matting solutions are specially designed mats that are used to serve specific functions in any commercial or industrial setting. Compared to general-purpose or all-purpose mats, specialty matting solutions are installed in special environments to provide specific benefits to the user. There are many different types of specially matting solutions but we will discuss the main ones below.

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD)/Conductive Mats

Also called welding safe floor matting solutions, these are specially designed floor mats that are sued to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace. They prevent electrical shock and electrocution in various commercial settings by neutralizing or channeling electric current away from the user. Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) or anti static mats feature a top static dissipative rubber layer attached to a bottom carbon-loaded conductive layer. Essentially, it’s a 2-layer rubber mat with a static and conductive material for dissipating static current. Conductive mats on the other hand are infused with conductive carbon fiber for conducting static electricity to the ground. Conductive mats are more effective than ESD mats in electrical current grounding. Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and conductive mats are installed in specialized commercial and industrial settings where electrical current is used in production to provide insulation and protect workers from electrical accidents and incidents.

Noise & Vibration Reduction Matting Solutions

Noise and vibration reduction matting solutions are used to reduce tremors and noise pollution in the workplace. These specialty mats are installed in special commercial and industrial settings to solve the problems of noise and vibrations caused by production activities. Noise and vibration reduction mats are very popular in sports and fitness centers. They absorb noise and vibrations generated by a huge group of people exercising at the same time. They are also used in underground mines to absorb vibrations and prevent the mine roofs from collapsing. Noise and vibration reduction matting solutions are also used for soundproofing loud entertainment venues and private conference rooms.

Antimicrobial Medical Mats

Medical matting solutions are designed to keep a healthcare facility clean and sterile. Antimicrobial medical mats are the main specialty mats used in medical environments. These mats feature a sterilizing agent that never wears out. The sterilizing agent is used to kill and inhibit the growth of all kinds of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and all other microbes and germs. In addition to their antimicrobial properties, these specialty matting solutions also act as anti fatigue and anti slip mats to ensure workplace comfort and safety.

Proofing Matting Solutions

Depending on the specific site of installation, you will get all kinds of proofing matting solutions to suit your functional needs. We have lots of specialty mats that are waterproof to ensure that your workplace remains dry and that none of your equipment suffers water damage. Waterproof mats are also used to prevent wet slippery floors in the workplace thereby preventing workplace accidents. Other proofing matting solutions are installed in special industrial or factory settings to prevent unwarranted dispersal or interaction with various compounds or substances. These mats are can be chemical resistant, oil-resistant & grease-resistant, and even mildew resistant. Such mats ensure that the workers are not exposed to various chemicals and compounds as they work, thereby ensuring health and safety in the workplace.

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