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Everything You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Floor Mats

Eco-friendly floor mats are all matting products that promote and enhance environmental protection and conservation. This is a very broad category of products including any mat even the slightest green attributes; from its manufacturing process up until the installation or the application stage. This means that eco-friendly floor mats include all those mats that are manufactured through a sustainable or green production process, such as recycled mats, those that promote energy efficiency including all energy efficient heated floor mats, and all nonpolluting mats — that is all mats, which do not produce or release harmful emissions either during production or while being used, such as zero emission heated mats. Sometimes the term “eco-friendly” is exclusively used in reference to recycled mats. This is however not quite accurate because there are many other green matting initiatives apart from recycling, albeit not as remarkable.


Types Of Eco-Friendly Mats


There are three major categories or classes of environmentally friendly floor mats. The first and most popular category is the recycled floor mats. The second category features all energy efficient floor mats and the third class consists of all nonpolluting mats. The last two categories are mostly made up of heated anti fatigue mats. Heated mats are specially designed residential & commercial floor mats, which are used to produce warmth from electrical energy. Energy efficient heated mats come with various green designs and installation features and specifications to ensure optimal energy conservation when in use. Some heated mats are more environmentally friendly than others.


Recycled Floor Mats


Recycled mats are ranked as the most environmentally friendly matting products because they are produced from old waste materials. Most of these mats are made from post-consumer materials like used plastic drink bottles, old tires, and even other old worn out mats. As you can see, these mats are made from biodegradable materials that could otherwise be dumped into landfills as waste thereby causing environmental pollution. Recycled mats promote a clean environmental because they are manufactured from waste. They also conserve earth’s natural resources by not consuming new materials during production.


Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Mats




Most of the advantages of using eco-friendly mats have already been mentioned above. Apart from the specific functional benefits of using various types of floor mats, eco-friendly mats help maintain a clean environment free of biodegradable or inorganic waste. They also reduce carbon emissions during manufacture because of their green production processes. Another benefit is that these floor mats promote resource conservation because they do not use new materials during production. And energy efficient heated mats reduce energy consumption despite their specialized functional applications.

Also, all eco-friendly matting products are designed with a special emphasis on quality. These mats are guaranteed to last very long and to be extra reliable and safe in all their specific functional applications. And last but not least, adopting eco-friendly mats in a commercial setting promotes the company’s image as a responsible eco-friendly business entity thereby boosting its customer appeal, which translates into higher revenues.