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Floor Mat Benefits

The benefits of having a mat  

Mats placed in strategic entranceways and halls where there are high traffic and the possibility of trips, slips, and falls can greatly reduce the possibility of injuries or serious harm.  A good quality SuperScrape Parquet entry mat that uses post-consumer recycled content is a great alternative and a “green” option for any business looking for great quality and durability in a mat.  An entry mat has to be your first defense against dirt, snow, rainwater, or any other debris under the shoes of shoppers, employees, or residents coming into the business. A great percentage of the dirt stays beneath shoe level when you purchase a SuperScrape entry mat, allowing it to stay clean for longer periods of time.  These mats are a great choice for many commercial facilities where high traffic is a matter of doing business.  In hotels, grocery stores, and health care clinics where employees and customers enter the facilities constantly, the placement of a good quality mat is necessary.  These SuperScrape mats can be used in many restaurants where the safety of the employees is paramount.

Getting the right floor mat for the right season

Not every floor mat is the same.  Every mat has its uses and its benefits.  An entry mat will keep dirt, snow, water, and debris outside the business before anyone enters the facility.  That’s a great benefit to have with a good quality floor mat.

An interior floor mat has a different use from the entrance floor mats.  It can be the second line of protection from the outside.  It can protect your floors from salts on the shoes of employees and customers. It serves as protection from the extra water or snow customers bring from the outside and can prove dangerous if left unattended on the entrance doors.

Getting a durable floor mat that will stand the season and the traffic

High-traffic areas where employees congregate for a coffee break, to have lunch or a drink of water are perfect places to have a slip or fall.  Placing an interior heavyweight floor mat that absorbs the water spilled and dries it quickly is beneficial for everyone while preventing injuries.


A heavyweight floor mat with a smooth vinyl backing allows the floor mat to stay in place without shifting and becoming a hazard to employees.  They are easy to care for and there are many colors and sizes for any business to find the right one.  There is a mat for every season that will perform well if chosen with care.  A high-quality entrance mat will do the job of getting most of the snow, salts, and rainwater from entering the building.  An Indoor floor mat will last longer and protect the floors better if the outdoor mat is a high-quality mat. 

Disinfecting the floor mats in your business and home

During a flu-season or pandemic, the importance of having easy to clean and disinfect floor mats become very important for a business.   That’s why it is so important to buy durable floor mats that can stand the disinfecting process without falling apart.  There is a wide variety of easy-to-clean floor mats that can make your business and health easy to achieve. With the need to disinfect every surface right now, including floor mats, the need to have a disinfectant that will provide results without harming your health is important. At we offer our clients an Eco Hand Soap disinfectant that will not harm their health. This concentrated hand cleaner is formulated to promote healthy skin but works to remove oils, inks, and grease with ease.

Caring for your floor mats

Buying a floor mat for your business is essential.  Floor mats placed strategically to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike promote a sense of well-being and caring. That’s why it is so important to have high-quality mats that will promote a sense of security while taking care of your money.  Following the manufacturer’s care instructions for your floor mat is as important as buying the right soaps and disinfectants for their care. They will last longer and protect your investment as well. At we carry commercial disinfectants for hospitals, commercial and residential use for your convenience.

We have a wide range of beautiful floor mats that can provide the security your business is looking for without compromising the decor.