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Super Scrape Floor Mats

Floor mats are the single most effective way to keep dirt, snow, and water from entering your business and keeping your business safe. When you place floor-mats at the entryways, bathrooms, and social places where employees congregate and spills are likely to happen, you are protecting the safety of everyone.

When you place a Super Scrape Mat in your entryway, you are really going to keep your business cleaner.

Floor mats have several uses: 

  1. They help protect employees and customers from slipping and falling because of wet floors or spills. 
  2. Floor mats help keep the floor cleaner by keeping most of the dirt from coming to the inside of the building.  
  3. They help protect the floors themselves by keeping water, dirt, and harmful pollutants from coming into your business. 
  4. Floor mats can provide a welcome sign for customers to see and feel at ease. 
  5. By keeping the right kind of floor-mats at the entryways, you are protecting the floors underneath, and keeping those floors from the constant wear and tear that is bound to happen in high traffic areas.
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A Super Scrape Mat at the main entrance of your business will effectively keep most of the snow, water, and dirt from coming into the business. Entryways mats can keep more than 70% of debris from coming into a business, plus it keeps the business cleaner throughout the day and allows your employees to focus on their work instead of the cleanliness of the business.

Entry Mats are the next best choice to keep your customers and employees safe.  A scrape mat is placed outside the business, where most of the snow and water will accumulate.  The entry mats are there to offer another layer of protection from slips and falls. They are placed inside the business and can offer not only safety but a nice accent to the decor.  An entry floor mat doesn’t have to be ugly. We have an array of floor mats that can be effective in keeping snow, water, and debris from coming indoors, but we also have mats that can add to the decoration of your home or business.

Doctor and dental offices where the entry door is only a few feet from the main area can benefit greatly from entry mats that will keep the main area dry and free of debris. With an aggressive indoor wiper mat, your business can have the maximum protection to stop soil from entering the office. There is an array of colors and sizes that can match the decor of your office, so you don’t need to compromise.

Hotels, motels, and Airbnb are the perfect places to have floor mats that will protect your place of business. The people entering and exiting these places are numerous.  Senior citizens and children can be especially vulnerable to falls when entering a new place unfamiliar to them. Floor mats can offer safety for them and can protect the flooring of your business.  It is much easier and cheaper to replace a worn-out floor mat than to replace the flooring of an entrance.  The snow and salt on the soles of the shoes of many of these customers can deteriorate your floors quickly, and leave a dull look on them.

Daycare centers are places where hygiene is paramount. Employees in these places deal with many children and families daily and need to have floor mats that are durable, easy to clean, and can be disinfected easily without jeopardizing the look and feel of the floor mats. At we offer anti-microbial mats for your business. These floor mats are specially designed to be installed in high traffic and sensitive areas of your business.  They are designed to prevent contamination and cross-contamination in a commercial setting.

Regardless of the type of business you own, we have an extensive inventory with the floor mat your business need.