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Floor Mats and Anti-Slip Products For The Home

There are many places around your home where you can use industrial floor mat products to make the home safer, more comfortable and have floor coverings that are more durable.

One obvious place is in your bathroom.  That is where the majority of slips and falls occur in the home.  But there are many other places to consider products to improve floor safety and comfort.

One place is outside walkways between home and garage – especially in Winter. provides outdoor heated mats that will keep snow and ice melted and the walkways safer.  Don’t worry, the heated mats look great and do not use a lot of electricity since you can use them only when there is freezing weather.  Much better than shoveling snow and chipping ice and not using salt will also help your yard be healthy in Spring.  Also not needing rock salt will keep your cement walkway in better shape longer.

Another thing to consider inside is if you have smooth stairs, such as wood, laminate or tile stairs, you could slip down them one day. offers anti-slip tape that can easily be applied to the stairs to make them much safer.

Some of our heavy duty floor mats are perfect for basements.  Your basement might get wet and slippery.  Or you might need mats that are anti-fatigue if you spend a lot of time in laundry or a workshop.

Good outdoor floor mats in your garage can help you track in less mud, dust and slush when you get out of the care and before you get into your home.  It can also give you a way to clean off your shoes before getting into your car and keep the car cleaner.

If you cook a lot, an anti-fatigue mat in your kitchen can help keep you feeling as fresh as the food you are preparing.  It also keeps your floor cleaner and reduces slipping risks.  There is a reason you will always see those kinds of mats in kitchens in restaurants.  It is safer, makes people feel less tired and helps keep the floor clean.  If restaurants are doing it, you should too if you enjoy doing more than microwaving your meals.

The long and short of it is that floor mats, anti-slip tape and heated mats all have a place in your home if you want to improve safety and feel great about your home.