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How A Safety Mat Promotes A Safe Workplace

Safety mats are commonly used by businesses to promote employee comfort. They possess the same attributes as traditional mats, but they are not interchangeable. These special mats are designed to be stood on for long periods. They are commonly used in factories and manufacturing plants, where employees must stand in one place for hours at a time.


How Standing In One Place Affects The Body


The human body is not designed to stand in one spot for too long. Standing in one area for a designated time frame can take a toll on the body. Circulation problems and pain are two issues that can arise.

Blood circulation to the legs is limited when standing in one place for a certain timeframe. To promote circulation to the legs, they must be moved regularly. Back pain and foot issues can arise also. Some of these problems can require long term care. Employers spend billions of dollars treating issues that arise from keeping employee’s stationary.


How A Safety Mat Can Save Employers Money


Mats that promote safety in the workplace should be used to help employers limit the chances of their employees suffering from long term musculoskeletal issues. The mats are designed to force the body to make small movements while performing work-related tasks. Even if the employee is required to stay in one spot throughout the day, the mats allow them to move enough to keep the employee healthy.

These small movements help to reduce back and foot pain. Moving slightly will also limit fatigue. The matting places employees on a padded surface. The padding promotes circulation to the legs. Installing these mats can help employers save money on health care costs associated with the job.

Aside from providing employees with a firm and sturdy place to stand, the mats provide a dual purpose. They provide an ample amount of traction to eliminate slips and falls in the workplace. Fifteen percent of accidents that occur in the workplace are a result of a slip or fall. Workplace accidents cost employers money, and endanger employees. Anti-slip mats are a must-have for most manufacturing, industrial, and businesses.


slip proof mats

Safety Mat Materials


Multiple types of materials can be used to create these mats. The materials used can be rubber, vinyl, and foam. The type of safety mat that you choose to use within your business is going to depend on what the mat is being used for. If the mat is going to be placed on the production line of a warehouse or manufacturing plant, the materials used should be high quality.

The placement of the mat will help you decide how much money needs to be spent. A safety mat can save a company money. The company must be willing to invest in a high-quality mat to reap the benefits of their purchase. Quality of the mats will vary from lower-end mats to high-quality designs.

Areas of the business that receive lots of traffic will need to employ high-quality matting solutions. Once the mat has been employed, it will not need to be replaced. Instead, it will provide a safe place for employees to complete their daily duties, without placing strain on their bodies.