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How to Clean Floormats

It is more important than ever to have a clean place of business.  Cleaning your floormats should be a daily routine for you and your staff.  Confidence that your location is clean and disinfected will help customers feel more confident visiting you.  Whether you have professional cleaners come in, or you do it yourself, here are some tips on how to clean floormats well.

First, at a minimum, ever floormat should be swept or vacuumed daily to keep it free of dust and dirt.  Depending on the level of traffic and the time of year, you might need to have it done more often.  If the Fall or Winter in your location results in a lot of mess being tracked in, have a schedule to have it cleaned throughout the day.

To reduce the floormat dirt and grime in the entrance way, also have outdoor entry mats to catch some of the debris before entry.  Also keep your entry way outside as clean as possible from snow, leaves and other debris that can result in things being tracked in.

If you have floormats in restaurants or other areas with high grease or slippery floors you need to use a daily degreaser.  Sure Grip Traction Degreaser is a great product for this because it suspends soil, grease and other contaminants from the floor and floormats.  When used daily, it will improve the surface traction and create a safer area, reducing slip and fall risks.

Vital Oxide 1 Gallon

If an organization is only vacuuming the floormats, and not disinfecting them, then they are allowing for viruses and bacteria to be tracked around the place of business.  While you might not worry about what is on the floor as much as door knobs and high touch areas, having germs spread around on the floor will eventually lead to contamination in other areas.  That is why regular cleaning with Vital Oxide Residential, Commercial, and Hospital Disinfectant is so important.  It is a safe alternative to other cleaners that does not use harsh, noxious chemicals.  It can be sprayed in many places of business and even in homes.  There is no odor and can be sprayed in air vents to reduce mold, mildew and other odors.  Of course, regularly spraying your floormats with this will reduce the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria as well.

Remember that visually cleaning your floormats is an important confidence builder for your customers to come in and feel comfortable.  Making sure that slippery, greasy areas are cleaned daily will reduce fall risks for customers and employees, and disinfecting your floormats will reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria that can make customers sick and could result in employees needing to miss work due to illnesses.  When you have the right products on hand and your staff knows how to clean a floormat, it will go a long way in having a safer, healthier and more appealing place to visit.