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How To Reduce Slips And Falls In The Workplace

There are many hidden dangers lurking in every workplace. One of the most prevalent dangers is slips and falls, which injure thousands of workers each year. Some workplaces are more prone to slip and fall related injuries than others—busy kitchens, for example, tend to have lots of slip and fall injuries, due to the combination of wet floors and workers running around. Even though slip and fall related injuries do occur quite frequently, there are steps that you can take to prevent them. Doing so will make your workplace a much safer environment, for you and your coworkers. Read below to find out how you can reduce slips and falls at your workplace.

Wearing The Right Shoes Helps

Wearing the right shoes can go a long way to reducing the instances of slips and falls. These shoes do not have to be overly elaborate or expensive either: slip-resistant shoes come in all styles and fit all budgets. These shoes can be found at most shoe stores, as well as online. At many companies where slips and falls are a great risk, these shoes are a requirement. Even if they are not required by your company, it is recommended that you purchase a pair for yourself. Definitely avoid shoes with smooth soles, especially if the soles have been worn down. And, no matter what shoes you are wearing; always remember to keep them tied!

The Right Matting Will Also Help Prevent Slips And Falls


slip proof mats

Even something as simple and cost-effective as having the right matting can greatly reduce the risk of slips and falls in the workplace. Anti slip mats provide traction for your employees when they need it most, keeping the incidences of slips and falls to a minimum. Consider placing these mats on wet floors, recently waxed floors, or any other flooring surface where slips are likely to occur. As stated before, the cost for these mats is very reasonable, and you will see a huge return on your small investment, in the form of uninjured workers! The best source for purchasing anti slip mats is online: by purchasing these mats online, you will likely get the best possible price for them, and you can have the mats delivered directly to your office door.

Enforcing Rules Is Important As Well

Having the right shoes and the right matting can be a huge help when it comes to reducing slips and falls, but if employees are behaving in a careless manner and not looking out for their own and each other’s safety, then your purchases and precautions will have been in vain. That is why it is important to enforce rules. For instance, you should make sure that someone always places a “wet floor” sign in an area that they have just mopped. Also, while it may be difficult during hectic, busy times, it is important that you discourage employees from running, as this could lead to all kinds of injuries.