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How To Use Logo Mats For Branding And Marketing

Floor mats can be used as powerful marketing tools in any commercial or industrial environment. Floor mats that are used for promotional or marketing purposes are referred to as logo mats. They derive their name from the fact that they usually feature the logo of a company on their faces. Logo mats that bear the logo of a particular company on them are more specifically referred to as custom logo mats because they feature a customized design. These specially designed floor mats are usually installed in strategic spaces in an office premises or production center for optimum brand display to visiting customers. In addition to their marketing benefits, logo mats also provide a myriad of other functional benefits in the workplace. These mats are also designed to offer traction on slippery floor in a bid to enhance workplace safety by preventing accidental floors and slips on wet floor surfaces. Logo mats are also used to protect floors from physical damage and to keep the interior of any commercial facility as clean as possible. Some logo mats are used to promote ergonomic comfort in the workplace. These are referred to as anti-fatigue logo mats and they help workers who have to stand for long hours stay in relaxed and stress-free while performing their duties. For their branding and marketing benefits, you can use the following tips to promote your business with logo mats.

Brand Presentation

As indicated above, logo mats are primarily used for advertisement and marketing purposes. To enhance the marketing power of your logo mats, you should have them customized with your company’s logo. This means that you will have your company’s logo or brand name printed permanently on the face of the logo mat. You should ensure that the mat producer/designer gets everything right. The colors should be perfect and very clear. The logo should be accurately crafted to enhance brand visibility. You should also make sure that the custom logo mat is of an adequate size and of the right shape. It’s all about brand presentation really, which means that the quality and overall design of the custom logo mat really matters. In other words, you have to display or present your brand as perfectly as possible because it reflects the overall spirit of your company. A shoddily designed logo on a poor quality logo mat implies an unprofessional business entity that deals in similarly poor quality products and services. Present your brand as boldly as possible to influence the customers’ opinions about your company.


Strategic Placement

You should also make sure that your logo mats are strategically placed or installed to ensure maximum visibility by the customers. You should consider using some of your custom logo mats as commercial entrance mats to announce to world your brand name and logo. Make sure that your entrance logo mat accentuates the image of your company. This means that you have to be even more emphatic about the features discussed above. Ensure that the logo is stunning, the print is exquisite, and the mat quality is spectacular. The entrance logo mat should be inviting and welcoming to lure customers into your premises.

Other Promotional Activities

You can use your custom logo mats for all kinds of marketing promotions and advertisements. Bear in mind that custom logo mats offer a free and very convenient advertising channel for your company. You can place or install temporary floor mats to advertise a seasonal sale. Try to maximize the advertising and marketing potential of your custom logo mats.