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4 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Floor Mats For Your Restaurant

Floor mats are used in many business establishments for various purposes. When dealing with or in commercial floor mats, we have two main types of matting solutions. There are general purpose commercial floor mats and specialty commercial floor mats. General purpose commercial floor mats can be installed in any commercial or industrial setting to offer some or all of the aforementioned functional benefits. This means that these mats are designed for general usage regardless of the type of business or industry. Specialty commercial floor mats on the other hand are designed for installation in specific production or industrial environments to serve specific functions. These are the kinds of floor mats that are installed in mines to reduce noise and vibration, installed in medical facilities to prevent contamination, used in gyms to soundproof the room, used in welding industries for electrostatic dissipation and so on. When it comes to hotels and restaurants, you should consider the following factors when choosing a floor mat.


Hotels and restaurants are expected to be as sanitary as possible. In fact, the hospitality industry rivals the medial industry in terms of cleanliness and sterility. You should therefore choose floor mats that are specially designed to keep the workplace spotlessly clean and to prevent cross-contamination in food preparation and serving. Food service floor mats should be as sterile as medical floor mats to prevent the spread of germs, dirt, and other debris in the eating environment.

Anti-Slip Properties

Water and other liquids are very common in hotels and restaurants. Water is used in the kitchen during food preparation and to clean dishes. Water and other liquids or fluids are served to customers in the restaurant. There are always chances that these liquids can get spilled on the floor posing a danger to your workers and customers. One of the main reasons for installing floor mats in a restaurant is to prevent accidental falls due to slippery floors. As such, you should always consider the anti-slip properties of any floor mat before purchasing it for your hotel.

Ergonomic Benefits

kitchen safety mats

Cooks and chefs usually prepare food while standing in the restaurant kitchen. Waiters are also expected to stand all the time while waiting for orders and to keep walking while serving customers. All these activities are very strenuous and tiring. Therefore, you should always consider installing anti-fatigue floor mats to reduce muscle strain and stress on your standing workers. Anti-fatigue floor mats are specially designed to provide buoyancy to a standing user. They absorb all the muscle strain and stress and hence help the worker relax thereby enhancing ergonomic comfort in the workplace.

You should also consider installing heated chair and table floor mats especially during the cold season to provide warmth to your customers while they are enjoying their meals.

Custom Logo Mats

Custom logo mats are specially designed floor mats with logos or brand names of specific companies. They are strategically placed or installed in high visibility spaces and are mainly used for advertisement or marketing purposes. You should also consider installing custom logo mats especially at the entrance of your hotel and/or restaurant. You can also install a custom logo mat in the reception area of your restaurant. The custom logo mat will not only promote your brand, it will also create a friendly and welcoming environment in your hotel.