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Industrial Matting, the What and the Why

The matting industry is divided into two main factions. There is the residential matting section that deals with matting solutions for homeowners. We also have the more comprehensive commercial/industrial matting division that produces specialized matting solutions for business owners, government institutions, factories, production lines, and many other commercial clients. Commercial and industrial matting solutions are designed for many different purposes and for all kinds of installation sites. Whereas residential matting solutions are relatively general or unspecialized, some commercial/industrial floor mats are designed for some very specific applications. This guide covers all the basics of commercial/industrial matting starting with what, a definition of this type of matting and a look at all the different types of commercial/industrial mats, before concluding with a discussion on the why, the benefits of installing commercial/industrial mats. Let us start by learning what commercial/industrial matting is.

What Is Commercial/Industrial Matting?

As mentioned above, commercial/industrial matting deals with specialized matting solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Commercial floor mats are designed for installation in commercial settings or environments. These are matting solutions for installation in business premises, office building, shops and restaurants, medical facilities, production and assembly lines, mining areas, all kinds of factories, welding sites, and any other commercial or industrial setting. Commercial matting usually involves the production of specifically ordered matting solutions. This is where a commercial client orders a specific matting solution to be produced according to his design specifications. And as you can expect, commercial and industrial matting solutions usually cost more as compared to residential floor mat.


Types Of Commercial Mats

You can classify or categorize commercial/industrial floor mats in various ways. You can classify these mats according to the material used to manufacture them. This is where you get rubber commercial floor mats, carpet commercial mats, and commercial vinyl matting solutions. The other more conventional ways of classifying commercial/industrial floor mats is by their functional application. We can start this category by looking at logo mats. These are specialized commercial floor mats that are used for brand promotion and advertisement. These mats are ordered by the commercial or industrial client with specific design instructions detailing the kind of log that will be printed on them and the colors and quality of the mats. Logo mats are installed or placed in strategic places in any commercial or industrial setting. Another type of commercial or industrial floor mat is the anti fatigue mat. Anti fatigue floor mats are placed in work environments where the user has to stand for too long. They are designed with a special foam material to absorb muscle stress and strain when the use has been standing on the mat for too long. Anti fatigue mats are placed in banking halls, ATM lobbies, surgical theaters, assembly lines, and any other place where the user has to stand for too long. Other types of commercial/industrial floor mats include anti static floor mats for ESD protection, anti slip floor mats for traction in the workplace, and heated floor mats.

Benefits Of Installing Commercial/Industrial Mats

There are many advantages of installing commercial and industrial matting solution. Commercial floor mats ensure workplace safety by preventing accidental falls on slippery floors in the workplace. They also protect the floors from getting damaged and dirty when people walk in from the outdoors. Commercial/industrial logo floor mats are also used for brand promotion and marketing and advertisement purposes. These mats are also used to beautify or to render a professional outlook in the workplace.