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Your Guide To Anti Slip Floor Mats

Anti slip floor mats are the most popular safety matting solutions in the market today. Anti slip floor mats provide floor safety in any setting or environment. These mats are also used to protect floors from physical damage and to keep the floors clean. We have many other safety matting products including anti fatigue mats, medical floor mats, ESD matting solutions, and even heated floor mats. All these mats provide some kind of safety to the user. For instance, anti fatigue floor mats protect the user from suffering joint pains and blood circulation problems after standing for too long. These mats absorb muscle stress and strain from the body of the user when he is standing for too long. The user remains relaxed and refreshed even after working for long hours while standing. Medical floor mats protect the users from cross contamination in healthcare facilities. They kill germs, microbes, and other disease causing pathogens in a hospital leaving the place sterile and clean. ESD matting solutions neutralize electrical charges and static keeping the working area safe for welders and other electrical workers. When it comes to anti slip floor mats, they offer a whole other kind of protection to the user as we will see in this guide.

What Are Anti Slip Floor Mats?

Anti slip or slip resistant floor mats are specially designed mats that are installed on wet slippery floors to provide traction to the user thereby preventing him from slipping and falling when walking on such surfaces. These mats ensure that the user is not injured when walking on such wet surfaces by offering a tight grip on the floor with their ridged surfaces. Anti slip floor mats also provide a firm grip on the sole of your shoe when you are walking on them. These slip proof mats provide floor safety at home and in the workplace. A good example of anti slip floor mats is the entrance or entryway mat, which is installed across the main doorway of any building or house.

Where To Install Anti Slip Floor Mats

Anti slip floor mats are installed in many different places both at home and in commercial or industrial settings. These mats are usually installed in areas where the floors are likely to get wet and slippery when there are people around. Slip resistant mats are installed in production sites where there are fluids in the work area. They are used to prevent accidental fall on these wet production floors by providing traction to users. Anti slip floor mats are also installed on restaurant floors in the service or dining area and also in the kitchens. Office floors are sometimes covered with anti slip floor mats especially if they are cleaned regularly when people are around. Medical floor mats are slip resistant to protect patients and medical personnel from accidental falls in a healthcare facility. You should also install anti slip floor mats in your home on wet floors in the kitchen, bathroom, and any other wet slippery surfaces.

Factors To Consider When Buying Anti Slip Floor Mats

You should always consider the anti slip properties of these types of floor mats when buying them. Check their surfaces for traction ridges to ensure that they are functionally okay. The material or fabric used to manufacture the mat ifs also very important. Choose among rubber, vinyl, and carpet fibers. The quality and cost of the mats should not be ignored.