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Logo Mats Explained

Logo mats are some of the most popular commercial/industrial matting solutions in the market today. This is mainly because they offer additional benefits to the client. In other words, logo mats provide all the basic functional matting benefits plus some special matting benefits, which are all discussed below. But before we look at the importance of installing logo mats in any commercial or industrial setting, let us first define these specially designed floor mats. Logo mats are custom floor mats that feature the client company’s logo, name, and/or any marketing message on their topsides. These mats are different from ordinary floor mats because they are mainly used for branding and advertisement purposes. Logo mats are usually installed in strategic spaces in an office building or production facility, such as the main entrance, the reception area, on corridors, elevators, and in front of all interior doorways. Let us first look at the marketing applications or uses of logo mats.

Marketing Applications/Uses

Logo mats are mainly installed in commercial or industrial settings for marketing or promotional purposes. Although you might find a few residential logo mats bearing “welcome” messages on the top, the bulk of logo mats is in the commercial and industrial sector. Commercial logo mats are usually customized with the logo or brand name of the company. These mats are then strategically placed to proclaim this specific corporate brand to all customers. And when used as commercial entrance mats, logo mats are also used to direct customers into an office building or production facility. In such a case, the logo mats are used like directional billboards to pinpoint the specific entrance into the business premises. One method of enhancing the marketing or promotional power of a logo mat is to ensure that it is perfectly printed with clear gloss graphics. This ensures that the customers are instantly attracted to its message and that it has a lasting impression on everyone who views it. Also, a perfectly printed classy logo mat renders a professional and reliable image of the company. As you can expect, customers will judge you and your products or services from everything they see. If they see an attractive logo mat on their way in, they will certainly have a positive impression of your business dealings.

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Other Applications

In addition to marketing and branding, most commercial logo mats also provide all the other types of functional benefits. This means that you should choose your logo mats carefully to ensure that they also provide safety to your workers and floor protection. In other words, your logo floor mats should also be slip resistant to prevent accidental slips and falls in the workplace. They should also be used for scraping to keep the floors clean and protected from furniture scrapes. And depending on the nature of your commercial or industrial environment, you should also make sure that your logo mats offer ergonomic comfort to your workers and customers. If your workers and/or customers have to stand for long in your place of business, install anti fatigue logo mats to help ease the physical strain and stress. And last but not least, you should consider any other special applications for your logo mats before ordering them. For instance, if you work in a noisy environment, the logo mats can also help reduce vibration and noise. They can also be ESD matting solutions if your work in an electrical factory.