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Medical Floor Mats And Their Applications

Medical floor mats are specially designed safety mats that are installed in healthcare facilities to prevent contamination and also to offer several other functional benefits. Medical floor mats are produced from all kinds of materials including carpet fibers, rubber, and vinyl for all kinds of applications and uses. Generally, medical floor mats can be installed indoors, outdoors, or at the doorways. Indoor medical floor mats enjoy the highest demand because they offer a myriad of functional benefits. Entrance or entryway medical floor mats are installed in doorways to keep the indoors clean and also to indicate or proclaim the name of the medical facility. We will now look at the various applications or uses of medical floor mats.



The main purpose of installing medical floor mats is to prevent contamination in a healthcare facility. Medical floor mats are specially designed non-contamination safety products that kill and prevent the growth and multiplication of various microbes and germs like bacteria and fungi. Due to their functional nature, these specially designed floor mats are referred to as antimicrobial medical floor mats. They are usually installed in sensitive medical environments like sickbays, reception or waiting halls, surgical rooms, emergency rooms, admission rooms, ICUs, etc. These mats contain a sterilizing agent that never expires, which means that they prevent contamination for as long as they are in place. Antimicrobial medical floor mats are installed to keep the interior medical rooms clean and sterile.

Physical Safety

The other major application or use of medical floor mats is to keep all human users safe. All floor mats are designed to offer protection to human traffic against accidental falls. Anti slip medial floor mats offer traction on slippery floors thereby preventing the user from falling and injuring himself when walking across the floor.  You should always ensure that you have installed adequate indoor floor mats to keep all the hospital workers and patients safe while walking on the floors.

Ergonomic Comfort

Anti fatigue medical floor mats are installed in hospitals to reduce physical bodily strain and stress on all human users. Sometimes you are required to stand in line while waiting to be served in a medical facility. Anti fatigue floor mats will enhance ergonomic comfort while you are standing in line in the emergency room. And for medical staff that works for long hours while standing, such as surgeons, and caregivers, then you need anti fatigue floor mats to keep them relaxed and more productive.

Floor Protection

Another major importance of medical floor mats is to keep the floors clean and in good condition. Medical facilities have lots of human traffic and sometimes mechanical vehicles like stretchers and trolleys. Indoor entrance mats are very important in keeping the floors clean and in good condition. These medical floor mats are installed across the main doorways that lead into a medical facility. They are used to trap dirt, moisture, and other debris from shoe soles and wheels of mechanical vehicles that are pushed into a hospital. Indoor medical floor mats protect the floors from scraping when furniture and other items are being moved around.

Other Functional Applications

Medical floor mats are also used to welcome visitors and patients into the hospital. Entrance floor mats bearing a hospital logo and a welcoming message are used to render a cheerful and inviting ambiance to all human traffic. Another functional application of medical floor mats is to reduce noise and vibration in the hospital. These floor mats absorb noise and vibrations in the hospital to create a serene environment for patients.