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A Consumer’s Guide To Quality Logo Mats

The matting industry has evolved considerably over the years. Originally there were only one or two types of floor mats on offer. Nowadays we have a huge variety of matting products in the market and consumers need a shopping guide to help them with their purchases. Some of the most common types of floor mats include indoor floor mats, outdoor mats, entryway mats, heated floor mats, and logo mats. With the exception or entryway or entrance floor mats, you can classify all other types of mats as either indoor or outdoor floor mats. Indoor floor mats are designed for use outside the house. They are usually installed outdoors on walkways and pavements to provide traction and also to melt snow in some cases. Indoor floor mats are of many different types and they are all used inside the house or office building. We also have general use floor mats and specialty floor mats. As the name suggest, general use mats are meant for general application and are hence not designed with any special features. Specialty floor mats are indeed for specific applications and hence come with special features and specifications. A good example of specialty floor mats is the ever-popular commercial matting product called the logo mat. Logo mats are used to display and advertise a company’s brand name to the public. The following guide will provide everything you need to know about logo mats.

What Are Logo Mats?

These are specially designed floor mats with logos that are mainly used in commercial or industrial settings for advertisement and marketing purposes. As the name suggests, logo mats usually bear the logo or brand name of a company on their topsides. These types of logo mats are called custom logo mats because they are customized with the company’s brand or business name. There are also a few cases where people purchase floor mats with various colorful logos, images, or slogans for aesthetic purposes only. Essentially, logo mats are used to imprint the brand name of a company in the minds of the public.

How They Are Produced

Logo mats are manufactured like all other ordinary floor mats and then printed with the desired image or message on their topsides. If you wish to install some custom logo mats in your place of business, the ordering process is a bit more intricate than the purchase of ordinary floor mats. You must first negotiate the printing deal with a reputable matting company. You have to send the artwork or design specifications of your desired logo or brad name or any other promotional message to the matting company beforehand. The matting company will then send you a design proof for your approval. The custom floor mats will finally be manufactured after you agree on all the sale and printing details and then shipped to your business premises.


Logo mats are usually installed in strategic spaces for maximum viewership by the public or customers. You should have your custom logo mats installed in expansive heavy traffic areas like the main entrance, the reception, in all corridors, in front of all doorways, and even in elevators. Custom logo mats offer many functional and marketing benefits to the owner. They ensure workplace safety, protect floors, and can even provide ergonomic comfort if they are anti-fatigue mats. They are mainly used to enhance brand awareness and recognition and to project a positive image of the company.